​You Can Protect Your Home From Winter Water Damage

According to industry experts, roughly one in 50 American homeowners will file a water damage claim in 2020. Water damage claims cover a wide variety of topics – from major natural disasters to broken pipes.

Regular maintenance can potentially avoid some of the most common problems that result in homes in need of repair.

Homes can suffer water damage at any time during the year. But it’s important to consider seasonal hazards, which are unique, especially in harsh winter locations like we have here in Putnam County.

The power of preventive maintenance

If you want to protect your family’s investment from hazards such as water damage, you can take action.

What should you do before the weather gets colder? Experts have some advice on places to look when preparing your home for the special winter home maintenance requirements:

Keep the pipes of your home. Plumbing issues are the number one reason homeowners file claims during the cold winter months. You don’t have to be one of them. When a winter storm or an especially cold night comes, keep the faucets in your house dripping. It doesn’t have to be a lot. All you need is running water to protect your plumbing.

It all starts with cleaning the gutters. Most of the articles on protecting your home from water damage mention cleaning your gutters. This is especially important in winter when leftover autumn residues and colder temperatures can lead to overflowing water and ice.

Check your foundation. Water damage in basements is a common reason homeowners need remediation services. In addition, water entering cracks in winter and freezing can cause cracks to enlarge. This happens because water expands when it freezes. You can stop the process by making sure your foundation is not cracked to allow water to get into your home.

Find spots that need to be sealed. As with checking the foundation, this step is important because the water expands when it freezes. If the clapboard, siding, or window panes are unsafe, water can seep into your home and freeze. As the ice thaws and the water melts, these cracks gradually let water into your home, creating problems that need to be repaired and remedied.

If a broken pipe, leaking gutter or other winter hazard damages your home, Servpro of Putnam will help you restore your home. Call us at 845.228.1090

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