2021 New Zealand Plumbing Awards – Full List Of Winners

2021 New Zealand Plumbing Awards – Full list of winners

– World plumbing grants

These are given to three Masterlink trainees who have demonstrated their diligence

their mission fulfillment as well as maturity and personal growth over the past year. They are a real asset to their Masterlink Host business.

Each fellow will receive $ 1,000 in credit at their local Plumbing World office.

The highest winner will receive full registration for the NZ Plumbing Conference, flights, accommodation and a free guest ticket to the NZ Plumbing Awards Dinner.

WINNER: Matthew Bird – Hunter Plumbing & Drainage, Blenheim

WINNER: Vincent Roth – EG Glennie & Co, Wellington

WINNER – and highest winner:

Oliver Tobacco – Clyne & Bennie Plumbing Gas & Drainage, Christchurch

– 2021 Head of Training of the Year

This award is given to a person who has gone beyond the obligation to train and support people entering the industry. The winner has shown a real commitment to young people entering the industry and an understanding of the effort required to build knowledge and standards within the sector. He or she deserves recognition for hard work and dedication to strengthening the industry.

WINNER: Sean Patrick – East Coast Plumbing & Gas Limited, Hastings

– 2021 product of the year

This award recognizes the significant contribution made to the product development of a company or an individual in the plumbing, gas installation and drainage industry in the past year.

WINNER: Kohler – Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet

– New Zealand Plumber, Gas Installer or Drain Layer of the Year in 2021

This award recognizes outstanding manual skills of an individual certifying plumber, gas fitter or drainlayer who is a respected member of his field and is known for his leadership skills. The winner has proven his skills in trade calculations. in choosing materials that meet the specifications and design of their work; and in applying relevant documents and legal compliance to their work.

WINNER: Chris Fennessy – Plumber HB, Hastings

– 2021 James Douglas medallion

The prestigious James Douglas Medallion has been awarded every year since 1948. It recognizes outstanding, recently qualified craftsmen who have demonstrated hard work, dedication and determination to make the industry successful. Young people are the lifeblood of our industry and it is important that we can attract and retain the best young people entering the world of work.

A recently qualified top craftsman is selected from each of the three trades plumbing, gas fittings and drainage. A finalist is only allowed to represent one trade, even if he has two or more trade licenses, although he can enter more than one category. The overall James Douglas Medallion recipient will be selected from these three finalists and will receive a cash award of $ 500 from The Skills Organization and a $ 2,500 career development grant. This is a grand prize designed to promote the winner’s career advancement.

PLUMBING FINALIST: James McIlroy – Advanced Plumbing- Hawke’s Bay

GAS FITTING FINALIST: Alan Wharton – Flints Plumbing & Drainage, Queenstown

DRAINLAYING FINALIST: Patrick Sweeney – Heron Plumbing, Auckland

WINNER: Alan Wharton – Flints Plumbing & Drainage, Queenstown

– 2021 Jackson women in plumbing

This award is given to a woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the plumbing, gas installation or drainage industry.

WINNER: Sarah Avery – Plumbing and Gas Works, Hamilton

– 2021 Graeme Victor Smith Contribution to Industry

This award is presented in recognition of values ​​that are important to Graeme Smith’s career and personal commitment to the industry. It recognizes commitment to master plumbers, to industry, to running a successful business, and to developing young and future plumbers.

WINNER: Stu McIvor – McIvor Plumbers & Gasfitters, Wanaka

– 2021 Master Plumber of the Year

This award is given to a member of Master Plumbers who can clearly demonstrate his business acumen and pursuit of success. The recipient will demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and service.

WINNER: Aaron Jamieson – BOP Plumbing, Rotorua

About the New Zealand Plumbing Awards

The New Zealand Plumbing Awards recognize the many positive successes and success stories in the plumbing, gas installation and drainage industries and are presented at a gala dinner on the final evening of the annual New Zealand Plumbing Conference. Organized by Master Plumbers, the national conference has been held for over 100 years and is the premier event in the plumbing, gas installation and drainage industries. Participants come from all over the country.

About master plumbers

Master Plumbers, Gas Installers and Drainers NZ Inc (Master Plumbers) is the national membership organization for plumbing, gas installation and drainage companies with 18 regional associations and offices across New Zealand. Companies go through a quality assurance program to become members. Members receive a wide range of resources and training opportunities to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology, products, and compliance requirements. Master Plumbers stands up on behalf of its members and the plumbing industry. The association organizes the annual New Zealand Plumbing Conference, which culminates in the prestigious New Zealand Plumbing Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in the industry.

Source: Installers Gas installers and drainlayers

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