5 Best Plumbers in Los Angeles

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Below is a list of the best and leading plumbers in Los Angeles. To help you find the best plumbers near you in Los Angeles, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

The best plumbers in Los Angeles:

The top rated plumbers in Los Angeles are:

  • Kirman Plumbing Company – professional and reliable plumbing service
  • Nautilus Plumbing Inc. – honest plumbing at affordable prices
  • EZ plumbing – Get your job done with quality work the first time
  • Universal Plumbing Co. – Funding with free estimates and inspections
  • Plumber root for you – Family business with professional advice

Kirman Plumbing Company

Kirman Plumbing CompanyKirman Plumbing Company. Source: Screenshot from www.kirmanplumbing.net

Kirman Plumbing Company was founded in 1908 by George W. Kirman. After two years of using his expertise to help San Francisco rebuild its city from a devastating earthquake. He returned to Los Angeles and his company helped manufacture California bungalows for a decade starting in 1920. Now Kirman’s company is flourishing in the sanitary sector.

The Kirman Plumbing Company prides itself on having a team of professional and experienced plumbers who only work for their commission. Your plumbers are experts in their fields and are committed to helping others. The company has been in the plumbing business for more than a century. Right from the start, they have been of great help to commercial and industrial customers. Her motto is: “Work at fair prices. Offer a service that is priceless. “


24 hour emergency service, all kinds of commercial and industrial plumbing, renovations and tenant improvements in commercial, industrial and medical buildings, backflow installation, repairs and testing, installation of steam boilers and water heaters, installation and repair of sewerage, gas, steam, ventilation and Water pipes, installation and repair of booster and sump pumps, sewer / drain cleaning with video service, installation and repair of sprinklers, installation and repair of piping systems, waste and sewerage, copper repair, roof drains, commercial sprinkler systems, gas shut-off valves, cleaning and repair of commercial and industrial drains, sewer and trunk service, video diagnostics available


Address: 794 Merchant St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 627-5456


“Complete service from the best people in town! Thank you. I will definitely recommend them. “- Vince D.

Nautilus Plumbing Inc.

Nautilus Plumbing Inc.Nautilus Plumbing Inc. Source: Screenshot from www.nautilusplumbing.com

Nautilus Plumbing Inc. has worked in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Culver City, Studio City, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Montrose, Pasadena, Burbank, Alhambra, Downey, Pico Rivera, Highland Park, Altadena and all of Los Angeles for more than five decades. Thanks to their 24-hour emergency availability, they have been able to help thousands of customers in residential or commercial areas. Their highly skilled and certified plumbers specialize in plumbing, root, sewer repair and drain cleaning services. Her team is expert that they almost know how to fix anything like the back of their hand.

Nautilus Plumbing Inc. always prioritizes its customers and believes that “the customer is always right,” as everyone knows. They ensure that all customer requests are met and their expectations are exceeded. The complete satisfaction of their customers is their success.


Water heater installation, drain cleaning and repair, water heater installation and repair, water jet, rooter service, earthquake valves, sewer repair and replacement, pipe burst, copper pipe repair and replacement, plate leak detection, piping, remodeling


Phone: (877) 999-1548


“Sergio is the epitome of a professional – responsive, attentive and always vigilant to make sure everything is done right. He’s our type for life! “- Valentine Freeman

EZ plumbing

EZ plumbingEZ plumbing. Source: Screenshot from www.ez-plumbing.com

EZ plumbing is a family business considered one of the most trusted plumbing companies in Los Angeles. Her team prides itself on being their community’s leading choice for plumbing services. You act as quickly as you can to make sure you get back to more important things. They pride themselves on being a certified, insured, licensed and bound company. With a highly qualified and experienced team, you can do an excellent and very satisfactory job.

With excellent customer service, their technicians can speak Armenian, Persian and Spanish in addition to English to provide more personal and friendly service to those who speak other languages. They make sure all the equipment is available to get the job done right the first time. They believe that having the right tools will help them get the job done quickly by identifying the root cause of such a mess.


Drain cleaning, water jet, water heater, garbage disposal, plate leaks, leak detection and repair, boler installation, septic tank repairs, trenchless sewer repair


Address: 11478 Burbank Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91601
(818) 900-2778


“A valve in our bathtub broke and nothing but hot water came out. The water pressure was messed up too. EZ Plumbing was able to repair the valve and return the water pressure to normal relatively quickly. The estimated price they gave was kept even after the project was completed. “- Ashley Barnes

Universal Plumbing Co.

Universal Plumbing Co.Universal Plumbing Co. Source: Screenshot from www.universalplumbers.com

Universal Plumbing Co. is a Los Angeles-based plumbing company. Their company is known for the quality of the work they consistently deliver to their valued customers. With affordable prices, they can serve thousands of residential and commercial spaces. They’ve been in business for more than three decades, so everyone can be sure they know what they’re doing.

The company ensures that all work is guaranteed and backed by a guarantee. They never charge for what they didn’t do. Therefore, all payments made come from honest and transparent people.


Copper and pex repipe, trenchless pipe repairs, water heaters, water heaters, sewer pipe repairs, drain cleaning, dishwasher and ice machine pipes, earthquake gas shut-off valves, faucets and sinks, floor drains, garbage disposal, hydro nozzles, shower valves, sump pumps, toilets, video camera inspections -Pipes, water filtration systems for the whole house, commercial plumbing


Address: 3315 Glendale Blvd # 10, Los Angeles
(818) 462-8289


“The workers were on time and were able to fix my shower tap. They also found out that my property didn’t have a water regulator and they fixed that too. The workers were very professional and did a great job. I can just recommend her! “- Steve Madrid

Plumber root for you

Plumber root for youPlumber root for you. Source: Screenshot from www.plumbingrooterforyou.com

Plumber root for you is a family owned and operated company that provides professional services for your plumbing, sewer and gas needs. They have extensive services that are sure to cater for any problem. All work is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and correct. They value the money you pay, so they make sure that all work is done carefully and efficiently. They ensure that only the latest and most advanced technology is used.


Replacing and repairing water heaters, installing and flushing tankless water heaters, replacing and repairing sinks and faucets, replacing and repairing shower faucets, replacing and repairing toilets, repairing and replacing garbage disposal, cleaning and removing drains, detecting and repairing Gas Leaks, Earthquake Close and Repair -Dismantling of the valve, detection and repair of water leaks, water pressure problem, copper repair and repair, installation of the osmosis water filter system, laundry drainage, installation of the dishwasher, hot water circulation system, repair and replacement of the sprinkler system, hydraulic jet service, Inspection of the sewage camera, installed and repaired sewer pipes, replacement and lining of trenchless sewers


Address: 4470 Sunset Blvd # 266, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 819-1881


“Jay got in touch with me immediately. Came in the next day and replaced my broken and leaky water heater. Very friendly. I am very happy with your service. I can just recommend her. Thank you! “- Christina Smith

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