6 warning signs you need a plumber

An unstoppable running toilet

There are a few different ways to find out why your toilet is leaking and sometimes it can be as simple as a loose toilet flap. However, if you are scratching your head it is a waste of your money (and mind) to ignore the problem. The seal on your toilet can be damaged and cause the tank to continually fill.

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Lack of hot water

Have you ever stood around the shower waiting for the hot water that never comes? There may be a problem with your water heater. Unfortunately, your water heater and its overall system is very complex. They use either gas or electricity, which means that repairs are best left to professionals – if at all, for safety reasons.

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Minimal or no flow from the faucet

If you turn your faucet and only a trickle comes out, it can be a serious problem. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can have multiple causes, from a block to a full blown pipe burst. Regardless of what it is, it can cause more damage to your property. However, a plumber can diagnose this problem and resolve it quickly.

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Gurgling drains

If you flush your toilet and the bathroom drain starts to gargle, your pipes can become severely clogged. Basically, there can be a significant clog deep down your drainage pipes that traps air, and the sound is bubbles of air that bounce back when the water struggles to get out. If this is ignored, it can result in a water support that can damage your home. A plumber has equipment that can solve this problem and keep your drains working properly.

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Frozen pipes

This problem really only affects people in houses with colder climates. However, if your pipes freeze, contact a professional right away. Some signs include a frost on the tap, a clinking noise in your pipes, or problems with drainage in cold weather. The problem with trying to defrost your own pipes is that you can tear or damage them. Therefore, always contact an installer if this happens to you.

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A sewage smell

If you smell raw sewage anywhere in your home, it could result in a broken sewer pipe. If this option is not checked, it can seriously damage your property and even pose an environmental problem. Call a plumber as soon as possible to resolve this issue as this can be far more complex than expected.

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Remember, if you find yourself “underwater” with your installation problems, sometimes it is best to call a professional.

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