60% of homes in city use electric geysers

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): According to an assessment by the Madhya Pradesh West Zone Electricity Distribution Company, about 60 percent of homes in the city use electric geysers.

The temperature has dropped by about 5 degrees Celsius in the last week. On Sunday night the minimum temperature recorded was 6.4 degrees Celsius – and right now the minimum temperature is around 7 to 8 degrees Celsius – so almost everyone uses hot water for bathing and other purposes.

Since 60 percent of households, mostly middle class, use electric geysers in the city, their electricity consumption has increased by at least one unit. That means that electricity costs have increased by around Rs 8 per day.

There are more than 7 lakh houses in the city. Most people have electric geysers built into their bathrooms. A geyser for water heating is one of the most energy consuming devices. Geysers are available on the market from 500 watts to 5,000 watts, i.e. 5 kilowatts. The power consumption of a geyser is usually based on its size and its hot water needs.

The average cost of a geyser per house is one unit. When 3.5 lakh households use electric geysers, 3-3.5 lakh units of electricity are used daily for heating water only. This electricity costs about Rs 20 lakh daily and about Rs 6 crore monthly. In this way, electricity worth billions of rupees is used for hot water even in winter.

That being said, many families also use space heaters in the evenings, the cost of which will be different from that of a geyser.

Solar geysers are less numerous. Solar heating systems are also installed to heat the water. But their number is comparatively smaller. The number of solar water heaters in the whole city is less than 20,000. The cost of setting up a solar system is around 1 lakh rupees, which most people cannot afford.

“Consumption is highest in the city”

“Electricity consumption in the city of Indore is the highest in the state. The reasons for this are the high standard of living of the people in the country’s economic metropolis and the increased use of electrical appliances. The use of coolers and air conditioners in the summer and geysers in the winter is also abundant ‘- Amit Tomar, MD, West Discom

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Posted: Tuesday December 21, 2021 10:39 AM IST

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