7MM Beaker Glass Bong Sandblasted 18 inches Heavy Glass Smoking Water Pipe Smoke Blown LV Pattern New

7MM Beaker Bong Sandblasted 18 Inch Heavy Glass Smoking Water Pipe Smoke Blown LV Pattern

Company profile:
Established in 2007, HF ART PRODUCTS CO., LIMITED is one of the preeminent glass pipe manufacturers in China. We provide OEM services for many famous brands such as GRAVGlass, Black Leaf Glass, Blaze Glass, Grace-Glass, Diamond Glass and so on. Our company employs almost 200 people, including 90 professional technical blowers. We have the following advantages:
1. Fast production speed, strict quality standard.
2. New products come out every month with a professional design team.
3. Maintain good business relationships with upstream and downstream companies so that we can minimize costs and offer our customers the best price
4. Fast delivery, as more than 10,000 products are in stock ready for dispatch.
Please contact us for more information.

Product specification:

Height: 18 inches
Sandblasting production
with Phoenix logo

• Delivery time: 1-3 working days
• Packaging: bubble cotton in a box
• Shipping fee: paid by the customer
• OEM and ODM orders are welcome
• Craft: handmade and blown
• Material: borosilicate glass
• Handicrafts: frosting, screen printing, logo printing and hot stamping

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