8 Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets 2021

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Whether you’ve just walked in the door or just about to prepare and cook dinner, you are likely using your kitchen sink to wash your hands quite often. And it doesn’t matter if you are worried about touching your faucet handle with germs you may have brought with you from the outside or with messy food on your hands. Everything becomes so much easier when you don’t even have to remember to touch it in the first place. This is where touchless kitchen faucets come in – you no longer have to try to turn the faucet handle with your elbow or major mess, you can simply wave your hand (or in some cases use your voice or a foot sensor!) To turn on the sink and out.

And hands-free fittings not only make it easier to wash your hands. Dishes are a breeze, and some smart faucets can even measure how much water you need – all you have to do is ask. If you swap out your current kitchen faucet for a touchless faucet, you can even save water as switching it on and off becomes a breeze. When you’re ready to make the switch, these are some of the best touchless faucets you can buy online from trusted brands.


Beale hands-free one-handed pull-down spray kitchen faucet

American standard

$ 411.45

This sleek and sleek faucet is made from polished chrome or stainless steel and has two different spray patterns. Thanks to the hands-free sensor technology from Selectronic, you can switch it on and off with just one hand movement.


Essa Touch2O one-hand pull-down spray kitchen faucet


$ 540.86

If you’d rather talk to your sink than wave your hand to turn it on, the Essa Touch2O has VoiceIQ technology so you can pair it with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and even ask it to provide certain amounts of water to pour. And since it’s a Touch2O faucet, it can also be turned on with a simple press of your forearm.


Make one-handed pull-down spray kitchen faucet with reaction technology


$ 209.78

If you are looking for an affordable faucet with a simple design, this is your best bet. At just over $ 200, it still has a motion sensor with an automatic shutdown after three minutes of inactivity. You can set the temperature via the sensor and operate it via the power supply unit or the battery.


Smooth one-handed, one-handed pull-down sprayer, smart kitchen faucet

U from Moen

$ 450.00

This touchless faucet from Moen takes classic style and updates it with a wave sensor and voice control technology so it can be paired with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. It’s battery powered (no special power outlet required!) And comes in four styles, including the point-free stainless steel option shown here.


Crue kitchen faucet with KOHLER Konnect

Another voice-activated option, the Crue faucet, is paired with Kohler Konnect so it can also connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (not to mention it also reports leaks and usage in the app). It’s available in four styles and has a motion sensor if you don’t want to use voice control to turn it on and off.


Litze SmartTouch one-hand kitchen mixer with arc outlet

$ 824.40


In addition to being pretty, this luxurious gold faucet is also voice-controlled with VoiceIQ technology. It has an arc spout and a knurled handle and can also be operated with a light touch (the handle does not need to be used!). Plus, the strand has an LED light that shows the temperature – and if you’re not into gold, there are four additional styles.


LadyLux Café pull-down spray kitchen mixer with foot switch

This Grohe faucet is an alternative to the hand sensor or voice control and uses a foot sensor. Simply tap the sensor with your foot and you can wash your hands or do the dishes in no time. It is available in two styles and has a 360 swivel arm and two spray options.


Contactless LED one-hand pull-down spray kitchen fitting

Glacier bay

$ 209.00

The cheapest option on the list, this touchless faucet from Glacier Bay has a cool farmhouse style that comes in three styles. More importantly, however, it has an easy-to-use motion sensor, two spray modes and an LED-integrated spray head – and of course with a matching soap dispenser.


Perrin & Rowe Georgian Era pull-down touchless kitchen faucet


$ 1,018.50

This traditional pick comes in four styles (including a beautiful satin gold) and has a motion sensor for hands-free activation. It turns on and off with a flick of the hand and has an automatic two-minute shut-off timer to make sure no water is wasted.

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