A very short Q&A with plumber James Willis

A very quick Q&A with plumber James Willis – Arkansas Times

A good plumbing is something we seldom think about until a disaster strikes. And when our sinks clog, our toilets overflow or our pipes burst, it’s often our own fault. Save your plumber the hassle this winter by following these instructions from James Willis of Ray Lusk Plumbing.

How important is it to let the taps drip in winter when the temperature is below zero?

In freezing temperatures, it is very important to let the faucets drip. Let hot and cold water drip onto sinks on the outside walls. Open the cabinet doors under the sink. Drip tray and shower fittings if they are on outside walls. Remove hoses and attach covers to all outer hose nozzles.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve salvaged from a drain?

The strangest thing I found in a drain was a gold necklace. I pulled a toilet in a house to see what was causing it [it] stopping frequently and found a necklace stuck to the toilet’s drain pipe. I showed the customer the necklace [and] She informed me that her husband had given her the necklace before he died and she couldn’t remember what happened to the necklace.

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