ABC7 Unite: “Tools & Tiaras” Introducing the plumbing industry to girls at a New York City workshop

Midtown, Manhattan (WABC) – A group of young girls from the New York-based nonprofit Tools & Tiaras attended a plumbing workshop in Midtown on Thursday, hosted by LIXIL Americas.

Tools & Tiaras is committed to creating interest among young girls in traditionally male-dominated industries, including those looking to become electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and even auto mechanics.

As part of a multi-day camp in which girls are taught through practical projects in the construction industry, campers experience a plumber’s workshop under the direction of Tools & Tiaras founder Judaline Cassidy.

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“These jobs are very well paid and very rewarding,” said Cassidy. “I was once the only woman on the construction site on the construction site. Not just the plumber, but the only woman, and the knowledge that more women could be skill trading without her. I wanted to graduate from college. “

With plumbing skills, campers have a unique opportunity to practice installing American Standard kitchen and bathroom fittings.

“It’s just fun,” said Camper lobby Gito Ferraro. “Tomorrow I’m going to the actual construction site.”

This event will help fulfill Tools & Tiaras’ mission of empowering girls to take the lead and be successful.

“We have a free monthly workshop for women and girls,” said Cassidy. “We teach them architecture, welding, auto mechanics, engineering, programming, iron welding, etc. And we teach them not only trade, but also finance … yoga, arbitration, something like that. They are many others. “

The mission of Tools & Tiaras is to use workshops and camps to change how our society sees and represents what constitutes “women’s work”.

Women make up less than 10% of construction workers today.

“Tools and Tiaras is one of the organizations that teaches and encourages women and young girls to understand that they can do the same job as men,” said Debbie Drury, Communications Director at LIXIL Americas. “There is no gender in the job.”

Plumbers are retiring faster than they can be replaced, with five retiring per person participating in the transaction.

A possible solution to this deficiency could be women. Especially when you consider that in 2020 only 2.3% of plumbers, plumbers, and steamers in the United States were women.

“It was really cool folding it with tin because I didn’t think I could fold a piece of metal by hand,” Camper told Page Brown. “It gives you more confidence, makes you feel like you can do it, and it really gives you strength and inspiration to see a woman do the job you want.”

LIXIL Americas has sponsored programs that promise to have a positive impact on the communities that serve them and encourage the pursuit of the plumber profession.

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The collaboration between the two organizations is part of LIXIL’s trade-up effort. This is a platform created to fill the growing skilled workforce gap in the United States and to inspire many to pursue plumbing as a viable career option.

Click here for details on Tools & Tiaras and here for more information on LIXIL’s trade-up program.


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ABC7 Unite: Tools & Tiaras Introduction to the plumbing industry at a workshop in New York City for girls

Source link ABC7 Unite: “Tools & Tiaras” Introduction to the plumbing industry at a workshop in New York City for girls

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