Ace Plumbing gives tips for avoiding holiday plumbing disaster

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – The combination of holiday cooking and cold temperatures could mean a nightmare for your pipes.

Calls tend to pick up at this time of year, according to Ace Plumbing.

“Well, we’re pretty busy in the winter, there are a lot of drain stops, you know people cook a lot and end up with clogged kitchen sink drains,” said Dave Cobbler, owner of Ace Plumbing in Topeka.

Ace Plumbing encourages you to be careful about what you put down the drain after you eat on vacation.

“It’s really important to pour excess fat into a can and not down the sink drain. Pour in a bag that you can throw away with the trash.”

Clearing the mess from your vacation cooking can create a bigger mess for your pipes.

“Well, once the fat cools, it will solidify and when it does, you have where it can catch any kind of food debris and not go down your sewer, where it can catch toilet paper and stool that is flushed out, and it can stop the drains as well as the kitchen sink. “

Another common plumber sees handling frozen pipes at this time of year … but Cobbler says there are ways to avoid it

“Make sure you remove your garden hose from your outdoor fire hydrant and that this fire hydrant does not freeze. If you have a house with a crawl space, you’ll want to make sure you plug those entry and ventilation holes so the wind doesn’t blow. do not blow in and freeze these water pipes. “

The most important thing is that your pipes stay warm.

“If you can get a little more warmth under those kitchen cabinets or vanities, anything that sits on an outside wall will help and you know if you can get a head on that outside wall.”

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