Advanced Pipe Repair Hires a New Operations Manager

Advanced Pipe Repair is proud to announce that it has added a new team member to its ranks. Chris Bloun has joined the APR team as the new Operations Manager. Chris has years of pipe repair experience and now brings his pipe repair skills and project management to Texas.

Chris worked for his family’s services company before signing up for Advanced Pipe Repair. Chris started working for the family business shortly after starting engineering school. His family’s company took care of all types of piping, from pipe cleaning to camera inspections and rehabilitation. They even received their feed certification in 2010 and put this knowledge into practice in 2014.

Chris’ association with Advanced Pipe Repair began about four years ago at the Pumper and Cleaner Expo, an annual exhibition that provides equipment, training, and networking opportunities for people in the piping industry. There Chris Clayton Holland, the owner of Advanced Pipe Repair, was introduced.

Although they met at the show, this first introduction was more about friendship than networking. “We’re very similar,” said Chris. Chris and Clayton have a lot in common, Chris told us. They both like to have a good time, but both like to work hard and bring that dedication to their pipe repair work.

Ultimately, however, that friendship also turned into a business relationship. As Chris said, “Clayton made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.” Now Chris is the Operations Manager at Advanced Pipe Repair. Chris is very ready to move to Texas from Alaska, his home state. Once he arrives, he will be working on a project for the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin.

Chris’ work will go well beyond Austin, however. “I’m pretty excited,” said Chris. “I’m learning the Texas map.” Alaska, like Texas, is a large state, so Chris is used to walking back and forth between major cities. Even so, he looks forward to visiting other states without getting on a boat or driving through Canada. He also looks forward to all of the hunting, fishing, and camping opportunities that Texas has to offer, especially waterfowl hunting.

Thanks to Chris’ expertise, Advanced Pipe Repair can become even more efficient and far-reaching. Advanced Pipe Repair will continue to offer trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods, including on-site cured pipelines. Trenchless pipe repair requires little to no digging, which limits noise, destruction, and property damage.

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