After the snow, burst pipes and ice dams are the next danger, experts say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – It is inevitable that frozen pipes will occur in a freezer. Repair companies and insurance agencies handled the damage and claims across the Memphis area on Friday.

It happened at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Raleigh that the pipes burst.

“Quite a lot of water came through. What it did is force us to return completely virtual, ”said Rev. Andre Jones.

Brian Choate of Choate’s Heating and Air said technicians are battling snow-covered roads, trying to reach as many customers as possible.

“They don’t have water, usually because their water is frozen in the pipes,” he said.

In the meantime, however, there are some steps you can take if your pipes freeze.

“The biggest thing you can do is shut off the water outside and the main line, especially if you are going to leave your house and you know there is no water flowing, it means it is frozen,” said Choate.

He said the real problem came after the freeze.

“The lines freeze, the ice expands and cracks appear in the line. As soon as it starts to thaw, the water will pump through these cracks, causing ceiling and house damage.

The next call will be to your insurance company.

“File a claim, speak to an insurance person and find out,” said Rod Lovelace, agent at Allstate Insurance. His phone rang with allegations

“We expect more. It happens minute by minute, ”he said.

According to Lovelace, depending on your coverage, a snow event like this is almost certain to cause damage. But he also advises people not to forget the roof, on which ice can build up to form ice dams.

“A channel is dammed with ice by melting snow. The water doesn’t spread through the gutter system in the house, ”he said. “So what happens, the water then collects in the shingles under the snow.”

Then water seeps into the house and causes damage.

But he says stay calm and patient while professionals answer your calls as quickly as possible, from estimates to repairs.

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