Arrogant Hull plumber drove Range Rover at 90mph in police chase

A panicked young driver who fled the police at high speed and raced ruthlessly through villages in a Range Rover had the arrogant attitude of “F *** it, I’ll do what I want.”

The stressed Jack Harman overtook numerous vehicles even in blind bends and even endangered pedestrians by driving on a sidewalk.

Ignoring the safety of pedestrians on the sidewalk and also overtaking vehicles waiting at a temporary red light, Hull Crown Court heard.

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It reached hair-raising speeds of 90 mph before finally exiting the Range Rover with the engine running and the vehicle still rolling.

Harman, 25, of Garton Grove, Hull, admitted on Aug. 1 that he is driving dangerously, without insurance, and driving with an expired provisional driver’s license.

Prosecutor Michael Forrest said police saw Harman in a black Range Rover at 11:50 a.m. on the A1033 near Hedon.

They lit their flashing lights and activated the sirens, and Harman appeared to be parked, but when a policeman approached him, he drove away at high speed, overtaking stationary vehicles.

Jack Harman.

He drove on to Thorngumbald, reaching 60 mph in 30 mph and overtaking numerous vehicles, including cornering towards Keyingham.

Harman drove at 80 to 90 mph, often on the wrong side of the road, overtaking vehicles that were stopped at temporary red lights.

A collision could only be avoided because another oncoming driver suddenly braked.

Harman drove at up to 90 mph to overtake stationary traffic, and when oncoming vehicles blocked his path, he steamed down a sidewalk with no regard for pedestrians.

Harman later got out of the Range Rover at Keyingham and ran away with the engine still running and the vehicle rolling.

“The defendant eventually gave up and allowed himself to be arrested and handcuffed,” said Forrest.

Harman was convicted of 22 previous offenses in February 2020, including driving with a disqualification and without insurance.

Carl Codd said mitigating that at the time, after breaking up a longstanding relationship, Harman was suffering from stress and problems with his plumbing and heating business.

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The company was put under additional pressure due to the pandemic, reduced labor and more than £ 10,000 in debt owed to him.

“He needed this money to fund future stocks,” said Codd.

“With this increasing stress, he got in the vehicle to get some inventory to keep his staff at work that he had.

“He regrets the stupid decision and deeply regrets the situation he is in. He panicked.

“He foolishly made the hasty decision to try to leave.

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“He thought a lot about what might have happened on that particular day and about the innocent people who were on that journey.”

Judge John Thackray QC told Harman, “This has been a horrific episode of dangerous driving at the top of the seriousness list.

“You drove through villages at high speed, overtaking other vehicles in blind corners and it was just lucky you didn’t collide and cause serious injury or death.”

Harman had been given a “golden opportunity” by the judges by previously enacting community rules, but violating them, only to be given another chance shortly before this incident.

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“You have to change your habits,” said Judge Thackray.

A presenter report had shown that Harman sometimes had the attitude: “Fuck it, I’ll do what I want.”

That attitude needs to change, said Judge Thackray.

Harman was jailed for one year and banned from driving for two years and three months.

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