Authorities in Auburn cleaning blue ink spill on Southbridge Street that’s seeped into waterways

Auburn authorities are working on cleaning up the pale blue ink that spans a quarter of a mile on Southbridge Street and has entered the waterways, the Auburn Fire Department said.

The blue liquid spilled on Wednesday, officials said, and the nightly rain caused streaks on the road and eventually flowed into the waterways.

Photos posted by Auburn Fire show light blue ink on the street and at the end of the pavement. Another photo of a small stream shows that the ink has colored the water light blue.

Officials said the ink was a non-toxic, water-based wrapping ink called “INXVelope”. The ink spill came from the delivery of a truck to a company on Southbridge Street, authorities said.

The Auburn Fire Department worked with the Massachusetts Department of Environment and the Auburn Water District to help mitigate storm drains and track the flow of ink.

By early afternoon, all emergency personnel had cleared the area and a private DEP cleanup company is on site and is continuing the cleanup.

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