Barton plumbing instructor hopes to share wealth of knowledge

Jeff Meyer spent 34 years in the plumbing industry and will now take the reins of Barton’s new plumbing certification program. His father was also in the business and it’s safe to say that his passion for his work runs in his blood.

“I was fortunate enough to start my career straight out of high school,” he says. “It is fun; You meet new people, go to different places, and are valued. Every day is a great big puzzle and with a little knowledge and skill everything can be put together. Plumber has made two thirds of my life. I know every day that I can change people’s lives and I am grateful that I was able to do something that I have loved for so long. “

A decade-long employee, Meyer has seen a steady decline in the number of technicians due to retirement in recent years, and he believes this is one of the main reasons a plumbing program is such a good idea for Barton. He also stressed that job placement and security are very solid for those who complete the program.

“The demand for plumbers is very high,” he said. “There is only one other plumbing-only program in the state of Kansas, so training facilities are rare. With the right education, students have a job straight away and the need goes nowhere. “

The Barton program is for those looking to begin a career in the plumbing field. It is an introductory program that includes commercial and residential plumbing in new construction, including the installation and repair of drains, sewage and ventilation systems, water systems and gas. The sanitary code is also dealt with, as well as security, the reading of construction plans and construction math. “

Meyers has taught correctional trade for Barton for the past three years and is now moving to the Barton County campus as the program is set to open in January 2022. Although he has only officially been teaching for three years, he has been educating and training technicians in this field since 1991.

“I just love sharing what I know and helping others use these skills that I learned and then taught them so that they can take care of themselves and their families,” he said. “It is my goal to always give examples of real situations and how to solve them. I believe that a combination of knowledge from books and hands-on study makes the perfect plumber. Another element I emphasize in teaching is a positive attitude. A positive attitude spreads and is better for everyone involved. “

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