Bathroom faucets from Bongio

Adding creative bathroom fittings is usually the easiest way to add your own personal style. These faucets from Bongio are exactly the show stoppers you need. Acquaviva, Moon and One are just three collections from this Italian company. The Acquaviva is reminiscent of the split bamboo fountains from a long time ago that would feel at home in the new modern bathroom. The moon is a slender, crescent-shaped collection. The One collection is an aesthetic game in a simple angle. One of these great designs is guaranteed to work in your space. Visit Bongio for all of the pieces in your favorite collection.

Above (from left to right) Acquaviva, Moon and One bathroom fittings by Bongio.
Shown below (from left to right) Acquaviva shower column and single-basin mixer with extension and pop-up waste:
Bongio bathroom fittings showers bathroom fittings by Bongio

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