Bathroom with kitchen built inside of it shocks potential homebuyers

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Some rooms just shouldn’t be combined.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to have work done on a home to customize it to suit their specific needs. However, when making changes or upgrades, it is always a good idea to think about how potential buyers might react to some of these changes if the home is ever brought to market.

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A house in New York recently appeared on the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook page, which features unique listings on the property page. This particular home, located in the town of Ridge, has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

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However, based on the photos, it appears that one of these bathrooms also contains a kitchen. The listing says: “Flexible living areas that meet your needs.”

In the photos, one of the rooms appears to have a toilet, shower cubicle, and then a stove and several cabinets installed next to the sink. There is no door blocking the bathroom area from the stove.

On Facebook, users seemed very amused by the setup.


“I got the idea to use existing plumbing to add a kitchen for an apartment, a MIL suite, or even a pool house,” wrote one user. “Many mobile homes only have a washbasin, but there is a DOOR between the bathing area and the living area! Folding shutters, folding cabinet doors, sliding doors, accordion doors … any type of separation would make this plausible. “

Another user wrote: “Always wanted a bathroom and kitchen combination. I think I would fall over trying to reach the TP, but I think putting it next to the stove could be a fire hazard. “


One user responded to the description by mentioning “flexible living areas” and wrote, “I don’t need everyone to be hit in the same area, but okay.”

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