Best Kitchen Towels: Zeppoli Kitchen Towels Honest Review

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I’ve tried drastically cutting down on paper towels for over a year, which means I rely on my kitchen towels more than ever. I use them to wipe counters and clean surfaces, transfer hot pans, pat dry vegetables, layer between pans to keep them scratch-free, pick up lids to get a touch of my bubbly sauce, cover my KitchenAid when it isn’t used to wipe down the steaming nozzle of my coffee maker and even wrap my breads as I don’t have to buy a bread box just yet. Last fall, I even gave my neighbor a piece of banana bread wrapped in a kitchen towel when I couldn’t find a big enough box.

“These are the ones you will be using for WORK,” noted Riddley, Kitchn’s tool editor who tested them for this year’s Kitchn Essentials list. And she is absolutely right. Since they are made of 100 percent cotton, they absorb almost as much liquid as the strongest paper towels. I just fold them over a few times if I spill something and voila, no leaks! Although they have undergone the ultimate testing in my kitchen, they always seem softer after each wash.

Another professional? You won’t have to deal with any bad smells. Unlike synthetic fabrics, which tend to retain unconventional smells (especially when they’re damp), the natural material air dries pretty quickly, which means I use these towels a lot before throwing them in the laundry basket got to. Aside from the various tasks I listed earlier, I also have a towel near my sink to dry dishes or my wet hands, as well as an extra towel on my oven door handle to combat oil and sauce splatters. It’s also the towel my husband uses to clean up after dinner. As for washing these towels, I usually toss them on a hot cycle with detergent and a cup of bleach, a combination that will remove even the toughest of stains. When all else fails, I rely on my favorite stain remover to get the job done.

Sure, these aren’t the nicest kitchen towels out there (if guests come back I’ll swap them for something more fun), but as several editors have noted, these babies work hard! They’re straightforward, easy to care for, and just so damn useful. Not to mention, you are getting a big bang for your buck. My set of 15 lasted almost a year and a half, and I can still imagine squeezing a few more years of hard work out of them. Once they are ready to be put to rest, I will donate my old waste to a local facility. Surely it is better to waste space, money and environmental resources on single-use paper towels!

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