Big Country residents repair broken pipes themselves as hardware stores run low on supplies | KTAB

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB / KRBC) – The winter storm may be over, but many across the great country are still dealing with the long-term effects caused by last week’s freezing temperatures.

Many residents have blown pipes and because of the high demand for plumbers, they have to repair them themselves.

Bible Hardware sees a flurry of customers looking for materials.

It may seem a little messy, but Larry Vaughn says it’s only part of his job.

“They tell me their problem, they show me their pictures, and I try to find what we have in store to put them back together until it works,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn works in the plumbing department.

He came in at 8 a.m. on Monday and by 10 a.m. said he had already helped nearly 50 customers.

“We have three people here who are almost walking on top of each other,” said Vaughn.

One of those customers, Jimmie Taylor, had a burst pipe under his house.

“I went under the house and there was water splashing out, [it was a] High tide, ”said Taylor.

Vaughn tries to help customers as much as possible, but without some of the tools it can be difficult to fix.

According to Bible Hardware, the PVC and CPVC fittings are running out. Managers are currently looking for more.

“We only buy what we can get.” said Vaughn.

Until they can get additional material, Vaughn says they should be careful and check your pipes.

“It’s going to fall apart, especially if you use PVC glue. If it’s not cured well, it will peel off. If you use dressers and they don’t have sharp teeth, it’ll pull apart, ”Vaughn said.

At the moment the staff are busy and it will likely stay that way until everything is tidied up.

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