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If the past year has taught us anything, it is that bidets are not as frivolous as we once thought. We are officially a year away from the beginnings of the pandemic panic, which of course included the great 2020 toilet paper shortage where people turned to bidets as an alternative. While we’re apparently in a better place (on the toilet roll front, at least), there’s never a bad time to buy a bidet – but right now, with a whopping $ 150 discount, this is an especially good time to get it to do. We have written extensively about bio bidets: Former strategist Jason Chen, Yvonne Orji from Insecure and actress Sasheer Zamata have all impressed us with their different models. The Bio Bidet Prestige Electric Bidet, which is more than 30 percent cheaper today, has seat heating and an adjustable water heater as well as a control for the water pressure and the nozzle angle. It even comes with a travel bidet in case you feel like you’re on the go. It is also environmentally friendly. Zamata points out, “It’s nice to be able to clean yourself completely every time you go to the bathroom, and it saves paper, which is so important.” Orji, we think, sums it up best: “Now I’m going like to go to the toilet. ” Do yourself a favor and invest in this sales model today.

Bio Bidet Prestige Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Travel Package

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