Black & Veatch Selected to Design Advanced Water Purification System

OVERLAND PARK, Kan .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – The Californian city of Palo Alto has selected the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure solutions, Black & Veatch, to develop an Advanced Water Purification System (AWPS) under an agreement to expand water reuse in Santa Clara County.

The new AWPS will be used in the city’s regional water quality control facility (RWQCP), which treats wastewater from six municipalities. The AWPS will use microfiltration (MF) or ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technologies to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration in the city’s recycled water supply.

The system is funded under an agreement between Valley Water – provider of drinking water, flood control and environmental protection for two million people in Santa Clara County – and the cities of Palo Alto and Mountain View. The agreement – a major milestone towards Valley Water’s goal to double the county’s water reuse by 2025 – includes provisions for Valley Water’s significant financial stake in the AWPS, as well as securing rights to the Palo sewers Alto over a long period of time for the future drinking water reuse project.

“Reusing water – in this case, purifying treated wastewater – creates drought-resistant supplies that are badly needed in areas where water is becoming increasingly scarce and in demand,” said Daniel Lopez, senior project manager at Black & Veatch. “This regional partnership between Palo Alto, Mountain View and Valley Water is important as it will improve the quality and usability of recycled water in Santa Clara County. This will increase the sustainability and resilience of drinking water supplies for several communities in the years to come. ”

The AWPS is designed to initially produce 1.125 million gallons per day (mgd) with future expansion to 2.25 mgd production possible. It will improve the quality of the tertiary treated recycled water now being produced. In this way, the city can expand its use of recycled water to irrigate salt-sensitive landscapes and to cool towers. It will also serve as a test bench to test emerging advanced water treatment technologies and demonstrate the effectiveness of treating the city’s wastewater for use in a future potable water reuse project, that of Valley Water (formerly Santa Clara Valley Water District) outside of the company).

In selecting Black & Veatch to design the AWPS, Palo Alto City officials said the company “provided a broader approach” and “demonstrated a clear understanding of the project and proposed innovative solutions to some of the key challenges.” The city also cited Black & Veatch’s proven expertise in developing AWPS systems, including the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center operated by Valley Water at the San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant.

Editor’s Notes:

  • The AWPS will be owned by the City of Palo Alto and will be operated and maintained by the city’s RWQCP staff.

  • Palo Alto’s RWQCP produces approximately 230 million gallons of tertiary treated recycled water annually. It has an allowable dry weather capacity of 39 mgd, an annual average treated flow of 19 mgd and a wet weather capacity of 80 mgd.

About Black & Veatch

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