Boggs Inspection Services Shares the Benefits of Sewer Scopes and Septic Line Inspections

N.o An emergency home repair is worse than a secured sewer. The costs can be substantial, sewage creates additional health concerns and, like any major home repair, can be done without obvious warning and at the worst possible time. Problems with your main sewer or septic tank don’t have to come as an unexpected surprise, however, says Dwayne Boggs of Boggs Inspection Services in Thurston County. That is why he and his team offer sewer telescopes and septic tank inspections.

Boggs inspector Sean McClendon views the water flow in real time as he conducts this sewer system on a house in Olympia. Photo courtesy of Boggs Inspection Services

A sewer requires special equipment and training. “We run a special camera the length of the pipe from your house to the sewer on the street,” says Dwayne. During the inspection, water is passed through the pipe so the inspector can see the drainage in real time. The inspection can help uncover a number of problems.

What’s going on in there?

One of the most common findings is root penetration. Even the slightest leak between the joints can cause nearby trees to penetrate the root. When the tree roots locate the source of water and nutrients from the leak, they direct their energy to the source. As the roots grow, they crowd into crevices that offset the pipe and fill the pipe with dirt stones and organic matter. You probably won’t even notice this. Who would worry about healthy, blooming trees? The end result is either a broken line or a line that has been completely blocked by roots.

The scope can also reveal several other concerns. In addition to root penetration, inspectors look for misaligned or misaligned connection points. leaking at the joints; cracked pipes or corrosion; and “bloated” or sagging tubes. Poor connections, leaking and sagging pipes can be caused by soil displacement or sedimentation over time. Corrosion has a variety of causes and manifestations and will worsen over time. Broken or cracked pipes have many causes. Driving or parking large vehicles across the line can be a cause.

Boggs-Inspection-Services-Sewer-Scope-Root-IntrusionWhether you are in Tumwater, Federal Way, Yelm, Sumner, Aberdeen, or anywhere else in South Puget Sound, it’s like there’s a tree nearby that may have caused root intrusion. Even if the property no longer has a tree near the sewer, the damage could already have been caused by a tree that was cut down. Boggs Inspection Services Sewer Scope can uncover these issues before you figure out the difficult path. Photo courtesy of Boggs Inspection Services

Often, if any, there are few, if any, warning signs of catastrophic failure. Partially blocked pipes can lead to slow drainage. Cracking and corrosion can cause spongy areas in the lawn with poor drainage. “You don’t want to wait for these important signs and symptoms of a problem to appear,” says Dwayne. The low cost of an inspection is a big investment in safety. Homes of all ages can benefit from a sewer or septic tank inspection. “We strongly recommend having a rifle scope in any home that is over 20 years old,” he adds.

Save time and money

Most house inspectors refer their clients to a separate inspector for sewers and septic tanks. Boggs Inspection Services found it a great advantage to offer its customers the additional service. A few years ago each inspector received special training and since then new inspectors have also received the training. “Our customers find it more convenient to do the scope at the same time as their inspection, rather than having to plan it separately.” This not only saves time but also money when customers book the sewer in connection with their home inspection.

light at the end of the tunnel

Customers receive a detailed report with videos and photos as well as recommendations for short- and long-term measures. Even if your sewer inspection isn’t as squeaky clean as you hoped it would be, not every inspection finding is a worst-case scenario. Detecting problems early often enables cheaper repairs over a planned period of time, rather than the jerky response that occurs when broken plumbing and blockages cause sewage to build up in your home or yard. Regular maintenance can correct some problems. And, depending on the severity of the damage, the cost of repairing the pipe can often be incorporated into the purchase price if you are in the process of buying the home.

Boggs-Inspection-Services-Sewer-Scope-Pipe-BlockageBoggs Inspections’ sewer can reveal major pipe clogging caused by roots ingress or debris that builds up like grease and flushable cloths. Photo courtesy of Boggs Inspection Services

If you are looking to buy a home, consider adding a sewer or septic tank inspection before buying. If you live in a house but have never inspected the pipe when you bought it, or it has been some time since you had that inspection, consider a new inspection. Call Boggs Inspection Services at 360.480.9602 or visit the Boggs Inspection Services website.


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