Brighton plumber Matthew Morris stole from his employer

A plumber stole thousands from his boss after refusing to show up for work.

Matthew Morris fraudulently used a credit card and tools from Perry Plumbers in Brighton.

After Morris failed to show up for work, Chef Josh Perry discovered sums of money were being spent on plumbing tools and equipment that the scammer either sold or used.

At Lewes Crown Court, 36-year-old Morris admitted six misrepresentation fraud and one employee theft.

It was revealed that his life had bottomed out due to his drug use.

Prosecutor Sophie Evans said the crime began last July when Morris refused to answer his phone to explain why he was sick.

The company car he had been given could be seen near the port drawer. Then, in the months that followed, Mr Perry found sums being spent at retailers with bills totaling over £ 4,000.

Ms. Evans said Morris’ actions were “tremendously worried” about why he committed his crimes.

Many months of company time had to be spent preventing Morris from using lines of credit for purchases and working out purchase after purchase that were fraudulent and overboard.

Mr. Perry said, “I have been a compassionate person my entire life, but this has changed the way I treat my existing employees.

“It’s difficult not to take this personally.

“His deceptive lack of care has hit us all.”

Cerys Sayer, who defended himself, said her client owed £ 10,000 on rent arrears but has weaned himself off drugs.

He has no previous conditions and has now turned his life around.

Judge Janet Waddicor ordered the 36-year-old from Broad Street in Brighton to clean up his crime with a drug rehabilitation course.

Morris is also required to do 120 hours of unpaid work and pay Mr. Perry £ 750 in compensation.

The judge said to him, “You are coming to court to be convicted of vicious crimes.

“You are really uncomfortable and dishonest. The business owner did his best of you.

“His statement makes it clear how stressful it was when his wife expected. They didn’t really know what was going on.

“But you finally had to face your problems and I am impressed with the work you have done [drug abuse service] Pavilions. ”

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