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Publisher’s Note: Our semi-annual Remodel Memphis section is known for before-and-after photos of some of Shelby County’s finest homes. This time we’re doing something different. Builders Dave Moore and Ryan Anderson guide homeowners through the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process while local industry experts provide advice on everything from new faucets to decorating and financing. Do you want to revive your space? The 2020 edition of Remodel Memphis of Memphis Magazine is the starting point.

The kitchen could very well be the heart of any home. Meal times are the perfect time for families and friends to get together, while a host always bases his event on the fine creation from the kitchen. Are you planning to remodel the kitchen? There are many professionals in town who have the talent and expertise to bring a design to life.

Dave Moore, owner of the Dave Moore Companies and a member of the West Tennessee Home Builders Association (WTHBA), has been a general contractor since 1986 and impressed homeowners with many of his attendees at the VESTA Home Show. There is no easy remodeling job, but Moore has a lot of experience with large and small projects. Now he finds a lot of people who are interested in a more elegant kitchen. “We find that a lot of people are going back to what I just call this ‘traditional’ style,” he says, “with everything being relatively white and clean and crisp. Much of this is almost due to timeless selections that are not fashionable. “

Getting the right professional fit is crucial. The right contractor for the job can make all the difference and save homeowners from undue stress. “Do some research and check out good, solid, reputable contractors and get their prices,” says Moore. “Make sure you work with someone you trust.” Once homeowners have found the right contractor, preliminary budgets and layout drawings can be considered.

Karen Kassen, owner of Kitchens Unlimited, agrees that finding the right fit is important for any kitchen remodeling. “When I first consulted, I ask a new customer several questions,” she explains. ‘Have you ever remodeled and how did it go?’ I ask if they have considered what amount they are willing to spend and what their timeframe is. Once we have mutually decided that we are a good fit for their renovation and understand the scope of the work, we will work out a realistic budget and plan. “

Many resources are available to inspire homeowners during the planning phase, but staying on the ground is important. “One of the first things we learn is that form follows function,” says interior designer Becca Gaines. “It’s important to think about how you want to use your space or how you need it to function. Do you like to cook or entertain? Do you have a large selection of spices? Do you hate lifting your blender? Do you have to sit down while you do your makeup? If you decide to hire an interior designer, the designer will help clarify these details thoroughly. “

As soon as the plans are created, Kassen recommends clarifying further details, e.g. For example, what times and days the subcontractors work, whether a dumpster is allowed in your neighborhood or who is responsible for opening and closing your house at the beginning and end of each day. Homeowners should also get a head start on cleaning their kitchen, moving surrounding curtains and carpets to avoid dust. After all, it doesn’t hurt to have a temporary place to prepare food while the kitchen is being worked on.

Cash registers refers to cabinets, countertops and appliances as the three main components of a kitchen remodel. Most of their customers want better cabinets with a newer look and new appliances to make time in the kitchen more efficient. In the future, Kassen will see the kitchen area as more versatile than it used to be. “The kitchen is not just a place to prepare and cook meals, but also a place to study and work,” she says. “Especially in the wake of COVID-19 and the“ Safer Home ”guideline. I have a feeling that bigger, more organized pantries, islands of seating that give a family more space to work and eat in the kitchen, and a larger freezer capacity or extra freezer to stock up on groceries will be a new focus. ”

Mixing metals has become a general trend for the plumbing industry. Many local contractors use Ferguson Plumbing’s Cordova showroom to select faucets and other fixtures that are stain resistant and easy to clean. Mixed metals are also more common on metal countertops or the hood over a cooking area.

Choosing which equipment to use can be tricky with all the creative options available to a homeowner. Some inquiries Checkout has seen include built-in coffee espresso machines or wine makers, while some homeowners may opt for additional cooling. And since health and cleanliness have been in the foreground of all thoughts lately, she points to a new refrigerator model. “One of our lines has a special microbiological cleaning system that scrubs the air every 20 minutes,” says Kassen, “which prevents bacteria, mold and viruses.” After the pandemic, she predicts that these types of traits will be more common among designers and manufacturers.

To round off a room, a real lightning bolt can accentuate any part of a new kitchen. Furniture manufacturers noq have cables that come with interior lighting when a drawer or door is opened. With improved LED lighting options, according to the cash desk, the teams can “provide great work lighting if required and set accents with fabulous decorative accent lighting”.

When it comes to rebuilding, Moore states that a contractor will tackle the cabinets first. “When you change the design of the kitchen, we have the cabinets ordered first. Because when renovating a kitchen, we try very hard to keep a kitchen functional until the renovation begins. That way we can put it back together asap. “Cabinets typically take six to ten weeks to order, according to Moore. A couple of weeks before the delivery date, contractors can really start moving electrical and plumbing and get all the necessary inspections. Floors, countertops and appliances can then be installed, resulting in a neat assembly that brings the kitchen back into operation during an efficient process.

The length of the project from start to finish can vary. A simple job can only last a couple of weeks, while Moore says his longest, most complex job took about six months. Kassen assumes that the entire process will take several months, from planning and design to finished construction. Communication with contractors and subcontractors is paramount throughout the process. Regardless of the best plans, there are always some problems that must arise. “Renovations are full of surprises,” says Gaines. “There is always something unexpected behind the walls.”

Ultimately, preparation can make all the difference. Consistent communication with contractors and subcontractors ensures that any issues that arise are handled smoothly, while homeowners need to have a clear idea of ​​what they want to do with their remodeling project. When building, it is important to ensure that every team member is ready for the job.

“The WTHBA has a list of recommended guidelines and guidelines for selecting a contractor,” says Moore. In terms of design, Gaines wants to ensure that homeowners understand the full scope of a project.

“Some of the most common problems are caused by social media and television,” she says. “These information channels are tools that inspire a lot of great ideas, but we find that they can also give false impressions of the project duration and the project costs.”

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