Carrollton water customers reminded of boil water alert

The need to boil drinking water continues to exist for the city of Carrollton’s water customers.

Carrollton Mayor Pam Lee said that after a water leak was repaired on Barnes Street, a fire hydrant was turned on overnight to clean up the water system. However, someone saw the water flow and cut it off.

“Most people don’t realize that fire hydrants serve two purposes,” Lee said. “One is obviously to provide water in the event of a fire. The other is to protect our water supplies. Someone saw the water run overnight Thursday and cut it off. Imagine our frustration when the tester came to take a sample on Friday morning and couldn’t because the hydrant was off. “

Lee said because the water has been turned off, a water sample cannot be taken until Monday, and the need to boil water will remain until the sample results come back.

Lee also asked water customers and residents to sign up for SMS alerts for news and information about the city and services.

“In 2017 the Carrollton Board of Aldermen put in place a text alert system that residents can participate in,” Lee said. “We use this to inform our residents if there is a situation that they need to know about immediately. Alerts were sent out last Thursday to inform citizens that there was a leak on Barnes Street that should be repaired. Updates were made during the day and an announcement about boiling water was made on Thursday evening. ”

If you’re not getting SMS notifications from out of town, then you can easily get started! Open your text app. In the new message, type TO: 81010. In the message area, enter @townofcarr. No spaces, no caps, no period. Tap the Send button. You will receive an answer asking for your mobile number and name. You can ignore other questions, such as: B. whether you are a student, parent or teacher. Or choose an answer. They don’t apply to us, so it doesn’t matter.

Lee continued, “This story has two moral values. Sign up for the text notifications if you haven’t so you know what is happening. If you see a fire hydrant running, call 662-392-4810 to report it, but leave it alone! “

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