Cheap bathroom renovations: how much they cost and how to save money

What does a bathroom renovation cost?

In a survey of kitchens and bathrooms, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) found that the average cost of a bathroom installed in a new home is $ 16,430, while a bathroom installed as part of a renovation costs an average of $ 17,522. However, another study by Houzz Australia found that people over 54 typically spend $ 11,900 on bathroom renovations, while people between the ages of 35 and 54 typically spend around $ 12,700. If you are under 35, those surveyed said you would pay around $ 9,100 to have a bathroom renovation.

According to a report by Open Agent, budget renovations cost anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 regardless of size, standard renovation costs anywhere from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000, while a premium or luxury bathroom renovation can go up to over $ 25,000.

Small bathroom cost

The same study by Houzz Australia Bathroom Trends reports that small bathrooms less than five square feet cost around $ 9,700 to renovate.

Cost of a large bathroom

A bathroom that is larger than five square feet can cost around $ 13,200.

What’s the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

A cheap bathroom renovation takes a lot of home improvement and time to source sturdy yet affordable products. Things that directly affect how cheap or expensive your bathroom renovations are:

  • Need to hire professional craftsmen
  • Whether your bathroom / home requires structural work
  • What types of tiles, floors, fixtures and fittings do you choose
  • The size of the bathroom
  • If you plan to move the plumbing or other permanent aspect of the bathroom
  • When installing a completely new bathroom or simply upgrading the old one

The cost of hiring a professional handyman is an important part of your home renovation plan. According to a 2016 consumer price index, the hourly cost of hiring professionals ranges from $ 42 to $ 80 an hour.

  • Buildings and Renovations: $ 62.80 per hour
  • Carpentry: $ 56.45 per hour
  • Electrical: $ 75.56 per hour
  • Paintings: $ 42.56 per hour
  • Plumbing: $ 80.92 per hour
  • Tiles: $ 44.93 per hour

Money-saving tips for your bathroom renovation

1. Retrofitting

With a complete renovation of the bathroom, the dollars add up. Mitch Curtis, director at Watara Home, says, “If you want to change the layout, labor costs add up to a large percentage of the total budget.” In particular, leaving the plumbing where it is will be a tremendous money saver.

“By keeping the placement of your existing toilet, shower and vanity waste, you can achieve a more cost-effective renovation. Inside that, you can increase storage space, introduce a walk-in shower and stylish wall-mounted toilet for a great visual impact at a lower cost” says Kia Howat, interior designer at GIA Bathrooms and Kitchens.

2. Rethink the tiles

They may be small, but the cost of tiles adds up – quickly. “Tiles can easily get expensive depending on the style and brand you choose,” says Daniela Santilli, Marketing Director at ReeceBathroom. “A great way to get the look you want while avoiding a high price tag is to limit the tiles to only half the length of the wall or to tile your functional walls only in damp areas such as behind the bathtub and in the shower area.”

3. Less is more

“You can save money by keeping things to a minimum and not saying yes to every accessory that fits your theme,” says Daniela. “Find a focal point of your bathroom and make a statement accessory. Then work with just a few supporting elements. Consider accessories for two purposes, such as mirrors that serve as the centerpiece of the provision of functionality. “

Cheap ideas for bathroom renovation

Depending on how much love your bathroom needs, choose one or more of the ideas below for a cheap bathroom renovation or a weekend renovation. These ideas are great for people who are already happy with the general design of their bathroom and are looking for an aesthetic update.

Update your bathroom

  • Update the faucets, knobs and faucets with modern replacement parts that create a luxurious and cohesive finish.
  • Updating your vanity can transform the entire bathroom and can be done in a weekend.
  • Replace the shower frame, shower screen or curtains.
  • Lighting can really spoil the feel of a bathroom. Update your bathroom with something modern, flashy, or something luxury for a focal point like a pendant.
  • Replace your tiles or re-grout your old ones. Choose neutral and modern colors (like white and gray), smaller rooms feel more open when using large tiles, and you can use small tiles to make the bathroom feel cozy or to draw attention to a specific function.
  • Replacing an old bath or shower can be expensive. Try having your current bathroom professionally refurbished if it is stylish but a little worse to wear.
  • Upgrade shower heads and faucets with water-saving models to save money in the long term.
  • Paint your bathroom for a quick and affordable way to update the entire space. Even an old bathroom can be dressed up if it’s first washed white.

Add and install things

  • Add some storage space like floating shelves, extra towel rails or hooks.
  • Install a new mirror to match your dashboard and fittings
  • To add personality and class to an already characterful bathroom, consider using a renovated vintage dresser as a sink.
  • For a bathroom with a wow factor, try covering one or all of the walls with wallpaper. In combination with a coat of paint, this can make the bathroom burst.
  • If the layout of your bathroom is okay and the basics like toilet and vanity are attractive, then you can remodel the space with fresh, modern, and timeless tiles to add value to the entire space.
  • Should floorboards be hiding under dated vinyl or laminate, now is the time to expose them and give your space a warm, natural finish. It will save you money when you tile the floor. For a modern bathroom, try painting the space white, anthracite, or navy.
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