Check Out The Mobile Kitchen Feature In The New Rivian R1T

The eagerly awaited Rivian R1T The all-electric pickup now has a hidden feature that is likely to be a hit with outdoor enthusiasts and overlanders: a fully loaded camp kitchen.

According to Rivian, the camp kitchen should “make cooking a feast in the wild more pleasant and fun”. The $ 5,000 package, available through the Rivian Gear Shop, comes pre-installed in vehicles upon delivery and includes a two-burner hob, collapsible sink with a spray faucet, 4-gallon water tank, and a full 30-piece snowy peak kitchen set. The entire assembly is built on a “Gear Tunnel Shuttle” which, when not in use, sinks neatly into the open space directly behind the truck cab.

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Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen in action

Based on early production examples, the unit was thoroughly developed for tough off-road use. “When you sit in the truck and drive, it doesn’t vibrate,” said a Rivian representative.

Due to the truck’s on-board battery power, it was a logical decision to add an induction electric hob. “This gives us the opportunity to set up the cookware, turn it on and we can start immediately.”

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According to another company representative, Rivian has already made good use of the Camp Kitchen in and around the factory. “We use it around the system, we feed [the employees] Having lunch; We surprise them and organize many internal and external events, ”he said.

Rivian Camp kitchen design

Rivian Camp kitchen

about Rivian

To date, Rivian has gradually ramped up production of the R1T and only delivered a limited number of vehicles to company employees. As production numbers rise, delivery of the Launch Edition vehicles is expected to begin in March 2022, with base models expected to arrive in the second half of the year.

Launch edition vehicles will be equipped with the “Large Pack” battery, which gives the truck an EPA range of 314 miles, while later editions will offer a larger “Max Pack” with a range of more than 400 miles.

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According to YouTube reviewer Doug DeMuro, who recently had the chance to drive the R1T, the truck is quite off-road. He remembers negotiating a certain rocky slope that even a built Toyota Landcruiser in the group avoided.

“I started a certain line and it just kept going. I was worried and thought it was going to get stuck, but it never did; it just switched through, ”he said.

Source: YouTube

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