Chrissy Teigen Calls Plumber After Daughter’s Tooth Falls Down Sink

The things we do for our children.

On Monday December 13th Chrissy Teigen went to Instagram Story to reveal to her 36 million followers a plumber who was searching a sink cabinet in her kitchen and wrote: “Luna lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy dropped it PROMPTLY in the sink

Chrissy steps back and films the plumber as he begins the hunt for her 5-year-old daughter’s precious property.

After a few small laughs, she says a sarcastic “Great”.

Fortunately, this fairy didn’t fly too far before dropping the precious commodity. “Oh s – – t we found it on the camera!” exclaimed Chrissy after a sewer inspection camera discovered and circled the treasure it had found. “Praise, sir, I was so sad.”

It is unclear how Luna‘s tooth ended up in the sink, we hope it was washed well before the tooth fairy traded it for sweet money under her child’s pillow.

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