Cleaning Chemical In Water Supply Closes Niles Human Services Building

System flushed tested, building reopened Wednesday through Thursday

Tom Robb

Niles Village Hall, Plaza Senior Center

The Niles Senior Center and Family Services reopened Thursday, March 18, after the water supply to the Niles Human Services building was tested and found to be clear.

Workers cleaning boilers used to heat water to supply the building’s water for human services mistakenly released a cleaning chemical into the building’s water supply while cleaning two boilers on March 9.

The chemical was water-soluble and would only have occurred in traces in drinking water. Village officials immediately closed the building that houses the fitness center, senior center, and family services departments, notified members of the senior center and fitness center and anyone else who might be in the building, and flushed the water system. They found it free of chemicals or contamination, village officials said.

Village spokesman Mitch Johnson said Thursday no one came forward to report any adverse effects from water use.

With the two boilers serving different parts of the building, Johnson said the fitness center reopened on Wednesday March 17, and the senior center and family services reopened on Thursday.

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