Clearmont to install new water meters

The Clearmont City Council approved a new water/sewage proposal for residents during its December 21st regular meeting. The new motions came into effect on January 1.

Mayor Byron Clark also reviewed plans to use American Rescue Plan Act funds for upgrades to the city’s water system. The bid for new water meters was submitted by Core and Main. The council approved the bid, as well as the ordering of additional parts such as meter loops and the purchase of new hydrants when additional funds are still available.

On other matters, the Council approved the November Minutes and the monthly bills to be paid.

Correspondence was received from the Missouri State Auditor requesting the annual audit for 2021 and from Citizens State Bank regarding the automatic renewal notification for the city’s Certificate of Deposit.

The council reviewed the financial report.

The water/wastewater report included 230,100 gallons used without new shut-offs.

The road maintenance report included the placement of the circle C signs for two stop signs and two no parking signs on this side ready for collection. Tear-off posts have also been ordered and the signs will be installed after the area has been marked for underground utilities.

The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, January 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Clearmont Fire Station.

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