CM orders cleaning of KMC, DMC nullahs


Sindh chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah instructed the local government department on Friday to work out a detailed plan to clean up 555 nullahs in Karachi using the same rehabilitation model adopted for cleaning Mehmoodabad Nullah, Gujjar Nullah and other natural storm sewers.

Of the nullahs to be cleaned, 41 fall under the jurisdiction of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and 514 under the District Municipal Corporation (DMCs).

Murad, chairman of a meeting of the Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee, said: “The model to clean up the Nullahs of Mehmoodabad and Gujjar was a complete package that not only removed interference along the Nullahs, but also compensated those affected and built roads along them Embankments of the storm sewers. “

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He stressed that the same model must be used for cleaning KMC nullahs and DMCs nullahs in order to solve the problem of urban flooding once and for all.

The meeting was also informed that on January 4, 2021, the anti-assault voyage along the Mehmoodabad-Nullah would begin and assaults over a distance of 7.5 kilometers on both sides of the Nullah would be cleared. The participants in the meeting were informed that up to 59 checks were to be given to those affected as compensation, 49 of which were distributed.

Karachi Commissioner Naveed Ahmed Shaikh announced the meeting, saying that out of 514 nullahs among DMCs, 298 had started cleaning.

According to him, the cleaning of DMC nullahs will cost around 430 million rupees, and from the resources of the KMC, DMCs will use 119 million rupees for this purpose.

“We need 316 million rupees more,” he said.

The CM then directed the minister of the Sindh local government, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, to file a request for funds to be released.

Meanwhile, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Dr. Sarosh Lodhi, meeting that a detailed survey report was submitted on the manzoor colony nullah and its distributors, Gujjar nullah and its distributors, and Orangi nullah, and another report on 25 nullahs.

He said the Hub Drain had 37 interception structures and suggested expanding its width from the existing 10 feet to 25 feet to accommodate the expected flow.

Similarly, the Essa Nagri drain has an interception structure, and it has also been suggested that its bed be widened. He added that he had proposed not only widening the bed, but also maintaining it, since the Madina Colony drain has 103 interception structures.

The VC also recommended lining the Moach Goth drain with 76 interception structures, the Haroonabad drain with 26 interception structures and the pitcher nullah with 30 interception structures.

“Lining these nullahs will solve hydraulic accessibility problems,” he said.

Dr. Lodhi recalled that Saadi city was flooded during heavy rains last year when rainwater overflowed the Super Highway and suggested building a nullah in the area to divert excess water from Saadi city into the Lyari River.

In doing so, the CM directed the local government department to work out a detailed plan for restructuring Nullahs, as suggested by Dr. Lodhi suggested.

Gujjar nullah

In addition, the meeting was told that a survey found 3,957 structures had been removed along the Gujjar nullah, which stretches for 12.6 km.

The removal of soft interventions along the Nullah was carried out between February 8, 2021 and February 18, 2021, and an attempt has been made to remove the remaining structures since February 19, the meeting said.

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Of 3,957 checks to be distributed among those involved in the journey, 3,587 were paid out and the rest were also handed over.

Orangi nullah

Regarding Orangi nullah, the meeting was told that 1,103 had been identified for distance along its embankments in the Western District, where it is six kilometers in length.

While gentle interventions were eliminated, removal of other structures began that month. Up to 193 structures were located on 1.6 km length of the Nullah in the Keamari district.

As part of the resettlement support initiative, compensation controls will be distributed among those affected, the meeting said.

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