Coimbatore corporation cleans 36.12km drains in the last two days

Coimbatore Corporation cleaned the drains for 36.12 km in the last two days of mass runoff cleaning, Forest Minister K. Ramachandran said here on Tuesday.

Since the mass sewer cleaning exercise began on Monday, the citizenry had cleaned 36.12 km of sewers in all five zones. The exercise was part of a nationwide program launched by the city government and water supply department to keep drains clean before the northeast monsoon hit.

The exercise was under way in all of the state’s urban territories. In Coimbatore he visited KK Pudur in Ward 11 to inspect work on cleaning a 600 m long drain.

The aim of the exercise, Ramachandran said, would be to prevent flooding of low-lying areas, stagnation of rainwater, mixing of sewage with rainwater, and thereby control the spread of dengue or other vector-borne fevers.

Sources at the corporation said officers in Ward 11, West Zone, used two machines and about 30 workers to clean the drain that diverted sewage from Ammasi Konar Street to the drain along Mettupalayam Road.

Former R. Ravindraraj area councilor said that the free flow of sewage into the drain was blocked by the growth of bushes. Corporation workers cleaned up the drain by removing the bushes and mud. This would prevent flooding on the street.

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