Colorado Campworks’ All-Electric Teardrop Trailer NS-1 Reinvents Camping

Colorado Campworks claims to have done the same with the NS-1 or Nomadic Systems 1 or Nomad for short: a rugged, all-electric teardrop trailer designed to cater for every overland need. “Still camping,” says the nomad’s description on the official website. “We went camping and wanted to do better. Instead, we may have reinvented it. “

One look at the nomads shows that they might have done just that.

The nomad’s story begins when Colorado Campworks founder Thomas Hoffmann was a student at the University of Colorado: it was his senior design project, New Atlas reports. The idea was put on hold after graduation when Hoffmann worked for EarthRoamer. It was here that he honed his skills as an overlander and decided it was finally time to set up on his own with this admirable and by no means easy task of delivering the best teardrop trailer in the world. His words, not ours.

Hoffman and Colorado Campworks believe they were successful on this mission: the NS-1 is rugged and capable, and can go offline for long periods of time because everything is electric. It runs on solar energy and everything on board is electric, from the cabin heater to the water heater, the kitchen and the lights. The NS-1 is also very comfortable and, despite its small footprint, offers everything you need on board – and some unusual extras in the form of additional packages.

Instead of the aluminum skin wooden frame construction preferred by most teardrop trailer manufacturers, the Nomad consists of a one-piece composite shell with insulation (upgradeable to all season) that sits on off-road bikes. You can mount anything you need on it, including an ax, shovel, canister and receiver for bike racks or surfboard mounts. Colorado Campworks prides itself on the fact that it can take everything you need for your overland adventures, whether you’re exploring the mountains or skiing.

Inside you get a cabin with acoustic cladding and storage space as well as a queen-size mattress. When not using the cabin for sleeping, you can simply roll up the mattress and open up the interior to make it a dining room. Or an office, if that’s what the company calls a “digital nomad,” some kind of adventurer whose office has been taken offline. There is additional storage space under the bed.

Speaking of off-grid: The Nomad has 200 W solar cells on the roof, a 200 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery and a 3,000 W inverter, so you can run everything on solar modules. “Thanks to the sun!” The company says on the official website. You also get a 76 liter water tank, water heater and cabin heater, as well as an outdoor shower with hot water.

Another highlight of this robust and competent teardrop trailer is the electric kitchen, which can be upgraded to a cooking unit if required. You push yourself out of the kitchen and get a sink, a cutting board and an electric hob (no more flames in the wind !, the makers celebrate). If you want to go a step further in terms of cooking options, pay $ 3,250 more for the Professional Camp Chef package. You get a Traeger smoker, a Breville Smart Oven, kitchen accessories and a SnoMaster cooler.

Almost everything on the Nomad is upgradeable. The company offers a number of additional packages in addition to the kitchen upgrade so that users can choose based on their needs. There’s the Four Seasons Off-Grid Package ($ 3,000), the Super Charged Electricity Package ($ 6,000), the Glamping Upgrades Package ($ 1,500), and the Digital Nomad Package ($ 2,500). Colorado Campworks plans to add additional packages based on customer feedback.

And that brings us to the starting price for this off-road camper with glamping capability. The Nomad starts at $ 36,000, but for that kind of money you can get a camper that is all about “doing something anywhere, anywhere,” a high-end design that allows for a “high standard of living.” Away from the world wherever you want.

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