Colorado renters rights for heat, hot water, provide options for tenants

DENVER (KDVR) – As Colorado temperatures plummet, FOX31 problem solvers are receiving complaints from residents who have problems with heat and hot water.

“Not only do I feel cold to fall asleep, but the next morning I feel so cold that I sometimes can’t even shave,” a resident of the Advenir property in Cherry Creek North told Problem Solvers. The resident said he and other residents were not being properly informed about how quickly the heating and hot water would be repaired.

Problem solvers reached out to local management and Advenir corporate headquarters and received no comment.

Colorado tenant rights for heat, hot water

FOX31 asked tenant lawyer Jacob Eppler what tenants can do if repairs are not completed on time.

“The landlord must send the tenant a written statement with the measures to be taken within 24 hours,” said Eppler.

Do you rent in Colorado? New tenant rights came into effect on October 1st

“If you do not fix the problem within five working days, the tenant has the option of terminating his rental agreement within 10 to 30 days without a contractual penalty,” said Eppler. “You also have the option to sue the landlord for a violation of the implied habitability guarantee, a cold apartment or something like that.”

Make sure everything is in writing

Other options include closing a deal with the landlord for space heating, settling the bill for a hotel room, or getting a discounted rent.

Legal experts emphasize that tenants must submit their complaint to management in writing and record all communications.

Tenants shouldn’t withhold rent without going through the proper legal channels.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development provides guidelines on tenant rights.


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