Commonwealth Waste Solutions Discusses Important Septic Tank Fall Maintenance Steps

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, based in Chesterfield VA, takes great pride in providing good advice to our customers on how to operate their wastewater treatment plants with the highest levels of efficiency. This is why it was so important for this company to point out some key maintenance steps for the septic tank this fall. By taking these proactive steps, homeowners and business owners can avoid costly repairs to sewage treatment plants and significantly extend the life of their treatment plant components. You can also find more helpful advice on the wastewater treatment system from this company on their Facebook page, which is located at

Company owner, Jason Muzzy, said, “Problems with septic tanks are difficult to fix in winter. For example, if you need pumping service in the winter, the pumping company must first navigate the snow to get to your house and then shovel around to find out where the tank is before continuing pumping. Then there is a risk of discovering a frozen septic tank, which makes the situation even more difficult. This is why it is so important to prepare your plumbing and septic tank in advance. “

Muzzy went on to say that this whole process should begin with routine septic tank pumping if it hasn’t been done in the past few months. Then he advised customers to insulate their septic tanks to keep them from freezing in the winter months. Something he highly recommends when installing new or replaced septic tanks. This is because it is conceivable that septic tanks or mains can freeze when the weather drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to putting insulation around a septic tank, the company owner also advised that people grow an additional six inches of grass over the entire septic tank system including the tank, any attached pipes, and the drainage field or mound. For those with recently installed septic tanks or inadequate grass cover, it is highly recommended that the septic tank area and pipes be mulched with a 12-inch layer of straw, leaves, hay, or other mulch material. He mentioned that there are other reasons for adding an extra layer of warmth to a septic tank and its piping. This includes the fact that preventing septic systems from freezing also promotes the vitally important bacterial action in a septic system. A very important property of the sewage treatment plant, as solid waste is broken down in a septic tank by anaerobic bacteria that also clean the raw sewage. In winter, the metabolism of these beneficial bacteria slows down, which means that septic waste products take longer to break down and treat. Adding an extra layer of insulation to a septic tank will keep these bacteria warm, which will aid their metabolism and, in turn, make them function smoothly.

The company advised home and business owners with sewage treatment plants to check for leaks or drops in their system, and also to check their home for leaking toilets, leaking faucets, and other leaks before the cooler fall weather sets in. This is recommended because small leaks and drops soon turn into small gullies of water that flow into pipes and then freeze very easily. Something as simple as a faucet with a small leak can result in a completely frozen pipe if not used for too long. This can cause a septic tank pipe to burst or create a crack that can lead to a serious leak. He also pointed out that keeping cars, heavy equipment, and lots of people away from sewage treatment plants is also important all year round, but it becomes even more important during the winter months. Advice that is even more critical for those with compacted soil, as this tends to increase the freezing depth of the soil.

Muzzy also mentioned that the company’s staff are available during working hours to answer any questions their customers have regarding sewage plant maintenance this fall. The company’s catchment area can be viewed in its Google Maps business listing here at Many 5 star reviews of Commonwealth Waste Solutions septic tanks and other waste services can also be viewed on the same GMB list.


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