Conor McGregor pays back £61 loan he used to buy plumbing tools

CONOR McGREGOR eventually repaid his former boxing coach, Paddy Brady, a debt of £ 61 – 15 years after he borrowed the money.

McGregor began fighting at the Crumlin Boxing Club before trading the ring for the Octagon and becoming a UFC two-weight champion.


Conor McGregor finally settled an old debt with his former boxing coachPhoto credit: Instagram / notoriousmma

The fighter has made millions in the process and is one of the most recognizable faces in sport.

But it wasn’t like that before.

Fifteen years ago, he had to borrow £ 61 to buy a few tools for his job as a plumber.

And now he’s finally got around to paying it back.

After McGregor returned to his old gym for sparring and an exhibition game, he repaid Brady, who loaned him the money.

Brady said, “This is the money I owed 15 years ago.

“I got him his tools while he was doing his plumbing and he never paid me back. Every time I see him I say, “Don’t forget you owe me these couple of bobs.”

McGregor – who is in talks to return to UFC later this year – was the bang on the loan.

Phil Sutcliffe, a gym trainer, said, “It was a joke between some of us, it was about the whole club.

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“We had a picture of Paddy’s gym in the gym that said [Conor owed him money] on Sky TV before the Mayweather fight.

“Conor beat him up and wrote him a check for £ 70.

“Now the check will not be cashed, it will be photographed with a picture of the two of them and it will be on the wall.”

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