Construction complete on redundant water main in Bradford | Local

Construction work on the Bradford City Water Authority’s new 24-inch aqueduct has been completed.

At the meeting on Wednesday, Executive Director Steve Disney briefed members of the agency on the status of the project. Bankson engineers have submitted the final permit report and construction photos to the State Department of Environment and continue to work on records based on contractor drawings and inspector records.

The final restoration work will be done in the spring, he explained.

Construction of the Kenmar Acres mainline extension has also been completed. The agency raised $ 350,000 from the Pa Small Water & Sewer Program received and all final documentation submitted to the State Department of Community and Economic Development. By the end of February, eight new customers had gotten used to the line, Disney said.

“Reminder letters will be sent to the remaining residents stating that the deadline for mandatory connection to the water system is July 2, 2021,” he added.

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Two filters in the sewage treatment plant will be renovated from the week of April 12th. Swanson’s excavation and manufacture has been given a call to proceed and 180 calendar days have been allowed for completion.

A pilot study on the addition of polymers for sewage treatment plants will begin in the first week of August and will continue through December or January. This will allow the study to include both hot and cold water circuits, Disney said.

A new 24-inch introducer valve will be installed on the University of Pittsburgh campus at Bradford on Tuesday before the campus distribution system improvement project begins on May 11.

As part of the new business, the agency accepted an offer from Bob Cummins Construction for $ 83,000 to work on the Gilbert raw water pumping station for general construction and from Pure Tech LLC for $ 29,967 for electrical work. Both were recommended by Randy Krause of Bankson Engineers.

Authority members also noted that Gilbert Access Road will remain closed until at least April 12 to allow the road base to be fully thawed and maintenance to be carried out.

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