Converting septic to sewer in Hillsborough County

There are 120,000 sewage treatment plants in Hillsborough County. Legislators want to use federal funds to cover these homes and businesses for sewerage.

TAMPA, Florida – Federal aid is earmarked for some urgently needed infrastructure projects to keep our waterways clean.

At Ballast Point today, Congresswoman Kathy Castor and Hillsborough District 5 Commissioner Mariella Smith say they are looking to the state to ensure these funds are used to treat all stacks of plaster of paris along the Bay Area so that there is no more will give Piney Point disaster. They also want some local communities to rebuild aging sewage treatment plants that allowed the pollution to enter our waterways.

“It is much easier and cheaper to keep pollutants out of the bay than cleaning the bay after the damage is done,” said Smith.

She says septic tanks are a big part of the problem.

“We have 120,000 septic tanks in our county – 26,000 in the township from Palm River to Gibsonton to Carrollwood, part of Brandon,” said Smith. The heads of state and government also want what they called “antiquated low-pressure sewer systems” in Ruskin and Wimauma to be replaced.

“Providing modern sewer systems will not only help our environment but also the tourism economy that depends on a healthy bay,” said Smith.

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