Crave Candles’ story—from a 280 kitchen sink to successful stores like Saks

Lori Newell is the owner of Crave Candles, a successful luxury candle brand that was born in Birmingham. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Google and Apple started in a garage – Crave Candles Co. started in a sink. Now, the Birmingham-based brand isn’t just found in local stores around town, but big retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Cracker Barrel, and others stock crave candles. Here’s what the match sparked for owner Lori Newell’s inspiration.

Crave Candles was born on Highway 280

Despite the brand’s luxury status today, like the great success stories of many others, Crave Candles had humble beginnings.

“I started making candles and mixing scents in my sink. And from the start I thought, “I’m going to take this brand and make it known all over the country.”

Lori Newell, Owner, Crave Candles

Candles soon covered Lori’s life. Her apartment on Highway 280 was like playing with hot lava. Instead of avoiding stepping on the floor, you dodged candles that filled every flat surface in the house.

How did condo candles become a brand bought by international retailers like Saks? What is the difference between Crave Candles?

First, smell one of Lori’s candles and try asking that question again. Second, Crave creates candles for the consumer (that’s you!).

“We do everything we can to ensure that the quality of the candle is really good and that you get your money’s worth. It’s a slow burn.

It’s a soy candle, but it’s luxurious because we add a very high load of scent to every candle we have. You will get your money’s worth and you will love it. You buy one, you will buy another. “

Lori Newell

Lori’s quality candles caught the attention of celebrity buyers, or should you say the nose, after she started attending trade shows in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Chicago. She quickly built customers and the brand catapulted out of her kitchen. It was only six months before she moved operations from her home to the first Crave Candles warehouse.

It only made smells

Longing for candlesOpen your home to luxury. GIF via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

When you talk to Lori it is clear that she can do anything she wants to tackle. We needed to know why candles became their calling.

“I love making people’s homes smell great. Its relaxing. There are so many things a candle can do. It makes your home warm and welcoming. It can lift your spirits. I love to be a part of it all. “

Lori Newell

It’s true – candles are an emotional product. When you go to a store and pick one up to decide whether or not to take it home, smell it first to see how it makes you feel.

Large bowls of dough are perfect for hanging out with friends and family, while the smaller options are great for a little time to myself. Photos via Matthew Niblett and Hannah Williams for Bham Now

You are an item that has been around for 5,000 years and that has moved from utility to another need.

“Fragrance evokes a lot of emotions. When you are sad, light a candle. When you are happy, light a candle. When you’re celebrating, light a candle. When you are feeling romantic, light a candle. There are so many things you can do. “

Lori Newell

The Candle Club lights up all the people you love in your life

Whether they’re working from home or on a girl’s night out with you, Crave Candles is the perfect company no matter where you put them in your home. Photos via Matthew Niblett and Hannah Williams for Bham Now

Another emotional aspect of life? Gifts. Candles and gifts go hand in hand. They remind people of a certain person or bring additional joy into someone’s life.

Lori knows that candles can do more than make a room smell fantastic. That’s why she recently introduced the Candle Club. Like Crave Candles’ 50+ hour burn time, giving the club a gift to a loved one means a gift that will last.

“The Candle Club is made for people who love candles and love our candles. You can give it to your mother, you can give it to yourself. Once a month they bring a candle to their home – they probably buy a candle once a month anyway.

It’s a great subscription because you get a great luxury soy candle. You get our best, our best-selling fragrances that have already been selected. This will allow you to choose more scents so that you can keep burning the candles in your home. “

Lori Newell

If you sign up for $ 30 a month, the club will send a new fragrance to the home of your choice every month. Or become a season member and receive candles in April, July, October and December.

You can check out this year’s fragrance schedule, including one of our favorites for the month of March – Cashmere.

The Birmingham community’s support for crave candles never burns out

Longing for candlesBirmingham and Crave Candles are a perfect match. Photo via Hannah Williams for Bham Now

Although Crave Candles are now sold across the country, Birmingham plays a huge role in the company. The Steel City collection, for example, is directly inspired by the history of Birmingham.

Since Crave Candles is based in Birmingham, it employs locals and creates jobs for the area. Speaking of local, the brand is a staple in many small Birmingham businesses.

It’s easy to spot a crave candle in stores across town, from boutiques to high-end spas. You can search the website to find a store that offers them.

“We have some really great stores here in Birmingham that have been with us from the start. They gave us very, very good support and supported the locals.

Even though we’re an international brand … we’re still a local company and we love Birmingham. And we will always be like that. “

Lori Newell

We’re excited to have a company here that cares about the community and can’t wait to watch out for Crave Candles’ next steps. Be on your guard, a big announcement for the brand is coming soon. 👀

Do you want to bring luxury into your home? Sign up for a subscription to the Candle Club or search for fragrances online and in store.

Learn more about Crave Candles on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

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