Created by San Antonio entrepreneurs, switch from wipes to this eco-friendly toilet paper spray for $13

Despite the statements by wet wipe manufacturers that their products are “septically harmless”, they are not really safe for your pipes or the environment. However, if you like the clean feeling after using wet wipes, but want to protect your septic tank and pipes as well as rivers, lakes, other bodies of water and animals, this bottle of Pristine Toilet Paper Spray is your smartest alternative. All it takes is some toilet paper and a few splashes to get the job done.

This toilet spray is made in the USA from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients that are safe to use with any type of toilet paper. Even babies and people with sensitive skin can use this spray and get a clean, refreshed floor. Just dampen your toilet paper with the spray and wipe it off. You will feel better knowing that you won’t have to deal with a clogged toilet or clogged pipes in the long run.


The flawless toilet paper spray was featured on Shark Tank and received a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. “I really like this as an alternative to toilet paper. It’s much more environmentally friendly and won’t clog the pipes. Also, the toilet wipes can be irritating, and this spray has never worked like this on any of my family members, ”says one reviewer.

You can purchase the Original Scented 1-Pack or the Fragrance-Free 1-Pack for $ 13.99, or this spray in an Original Scented 2-Pack for $ 24.99. You will receive two bottles together with a travel-size bottle in the original fragrance (essential ylang ylang oils). The 2-pack of perfume-free bottles with no masking agents or essential oils for $ 24.99. For a variety of scents, purchase the $ 34.99 Variety Pack, which includes a rustic (bergamot and clove), peppermint, original, and fragrance-free bottles.


Subject to price changes.

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