CSL residents say lead pipes being replaced too slowly: report | City News

Some Cote St. Luc residents say the city is taking too long to replace lead pipes as some residents have lead in their drinking water that extends beyond Quebec’s borders. Many residents have posted their opinion on the problem on the CSL Ideas Facebook page.

The lead problem was identified through a 2019 study by Global News and Concordias Institute for Investigative Journalism. “It just drags,” Resident Sivan Rehan told Global News – the study found Rehan’s tap water contained seven parts per billion lead, slightly above Quebec’s limit of five parts per billion. “I just feel like the whole process is very slow and we don’t even have a plan, or a guarantee, or a clue of what they’re going to do a little faster, especially because it’s been delayed from last year.”

CSL Councilor Steven Erdelyi told Global News the city expects a six to eight week wait and “the goal is to complete these tests and then develop a comprehensive plan to remove all lead from the pipes.”

Mayor candidate David Tordjman told Global News that lead removal will be a priority when he becomes mayor. if elected, he would make lead elimination a priority. “The lead in water is a health problem that residents are very concerned about for good reason,” he added. “We should spend more of our money and make the effort.”

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