Deep freeze causes reports of frozen pipes, dead batteries

Days with sub-zero temperatures and record-breaking temperatures take a toll on cars, pipes, windows and Minnesotans.

People have been showing off how cold Minnesota is on social media for the past week, from videos of throwing boiling water in the air and freezing bubbles to sharing the problems they have, like frozen eyelashes , broken pipes, frozen windows and dead car batteries.

Problems with the car

Vehicles parked outside for too long risked starting problems, dead batteries, and flat tires (and then frozen air pump tubes that made it impossible for people to refuel their flat tires).

AAA said they see an increase in battery-related calls every year when the weather turns cold. Interstate Batteries finds that even good, fully charged batteries don’t feel 100% when the temperature drops. If your car battery is only half charged, it will freeze solid at 10 below zero.

And this bout of bitter cold weather kept the mechanics busy. According to WCCO, Bobby and Steve’s Auto World received dozens of calls in downtown Minneapolis from people who couldn’t start their cars.

According to the AAA, to keep the battery running, people should start and drive their vehicle for at least 10 minutes each day, even if they don’t plan on going anywhere. Driving a car helps charge the battery.

“Car batteries on their last legs become fidgety due to the temperatures, so that drivers cannot start their vehicle. While some of these calls come from drivers trying to leave the comfort of their home, others are calling stranded in a store or on the roadside, “AAA spokeswoman Meredith Mitts said in a statement.

AAA says you shouldn’t turn on the car and start driving right away. You will need to give the engine time to warm up before accelerating to allow the oil to flow through the engine. The agency also reminds people to always have at least a half tank of fuel and to check all fluid levels and tire pressures before hitting the road.

Frozen windows, walls

Some posted pictures of the cold that caused their sliding doors to freeze shut.

Others shared photos of frost on the inside of their windows and of their windows seemingly breaking from the cold.

And some saw their walls even frozen inside.

Frozen pipes

Temperatures like this cold can cause water pipes to freeze, the city of Golden Valley has warned. They give tips on how to prevent this from happening, such as: B. running the water and ensuring airflow and heat circulate through your home.

Here is a video of an apparent water pipe rupture in the Golden Valley on Sunday morning that flooded the road.

Bring Me The News has contacted Golden Valley City for more information.

Broken records

This latest cold snap broke records across the state. Preliminary reports show that Minnesota may have set a new daily state record low for February 13, with Ely 50 below 50 (previous February 13 record was below 42), but it did not hit its all-time record temperature .

Cities in Northland also broke records on February 13th.

On Sunday February 14th, the National Weather Service in Duluth reported the low of 26 below zero, breaking the previous record of 24 below 187 set in 1875, 1879, 1949 and 1970.

Other records may have been broken as well, but we’ll know more when the cold snap ends this week.

Temperatures are expected to slowly rise above zero through Tuesday, with highs forecast to be above freezing over the weekend.

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