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As people have been spending far more time at home in recent years – especially if they have been working from home – a trend towards DIY can be seen.

Of particular note is how much more we all use our own kitchens and bathrooms and how much better they could be.

These are two very important rooms in any home, and that goes way beyond their ability to wash and feed us.

With clever use of space and the right layout, these areas can not only maximize available storage capacity, but also become more user-friendly.

Your style is also a consideration. Ideally, the look will blend in well with the rest of the home, whether it’s a brand new modern building, one of the oldest townhouses, or anything in between.

The right look can also lift your spirits and make the space a beautiful and inviting place to hang out. He might even help inspire you in other ways, with new culinary creations or clever insights into the shower.

The team at Miter 10 Goulburn – a local franchise – has just what you need to create a very special kitchen or bathroom, and you can save a ton of money by doing much of the work yourself .

Very helpful: Visit Miter 10 in Goulburn to find anything you need to improve or makeover your bathroom or kitchen. Photos: Included

“Principal is helping to set a new standard in kitchen design trends with clever storage solutions, the latest finishes and special touches to make your kitchen distinctively your own,” says the Miter 10 team.

As a legal (and safety) requirement, you must employ a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber for the plumbing and electrical work respectively, but the kitchens you can create using Principal Kitchens’ online design platform come in kit form with clear instructions to install for yourself, as Brooke of Miter 10’s Goulburn showroom explained.

So if you feel like creating your perfect kitchen, you can visit and use the online tools provided. Or you can visit the showroom in person and let Brooke guide you through the showroom. Brooke can also offer some refinements to the design you have come up with for convenience or security. Brooke is also a helpful person to consult as she was also a previous carpenter by trade.

Once the design is finalized it can be quoted and a flat pack kit made just for you.

The great thing about designing your own kitchen is that you can mix and match different brands of furnishings and appliances to get exactly what you need and the exact look you’re looking for.

Brooke has noticed that quartz kitchen sinks are trending items in place of stainless steel and wood-look laminate countertops these days. Butler sinks are a nice touch if you have the space, and some people opt for matte black finishes on accessories like sink mixers and handles. When it comes to bathrooms, a brushed gold finish is popular these days.

However, there are many styles to choose from and the showroom at Miter 10 Goulburn is a great place to look for inspiration.

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