‘Diverse viewpoints drive more well-informed outcomes’, says Victorian Plumbing MD

Stephnie Judge, MD of Victorian Plumbing believes that diversity can fuel creativity and innovation in any business, especially in the bathroom market.

Q: Have you ever felt that your gender was an aid or an obstacle to the MD role?

ON: My journey into this role felt like a whirlwind. Entry into the business in 2013 as PA to MD [Judge’s predecessor and company founder Mark Radcliffe] At a critical stage in the company’s growth, I was able to witness so many aspects of the business that I had never come across them before. This gave me fantastic insight into managing business development and I made a living from the diversity of the role. I don’t feel that my gender has hindered my development, despite the fact that the industry is male-led.

Q: What role do you think Victorian Plumbing needs to play in promoting gender equality in the KBB industry?

ON: I take pride in being part of a culture that can lead the way for gender equality. At this company, we value people for their talents, not their gender, and I believe other companies should recognize what women have to offer for leadership in the workplace. We want to encourage everyone in our company to achieve
their potential.

Q:Why do you think there are so few women in top positions in the KBB industry?

ON: Typically, our industry has a very close relationship with commercial professions that have traditionally been geared towards men. The shortage of women in management positions is not only evident in this industry – women are underrepresented on executive boards worldwide and hold less than 20% of the board seats.

Q: How would the KBB industry benefit from having more women in top positions?

ON: Diversity can host creativity and innovation. This industry thrives on these things. Women and men will inevitably have different experiences that will determine what they can bring to the table – it makes sense to use both in the workplace.

Q: What do you think women at board level can bring to the industry?

ON: The diversity that women emanate at board level means the board can make more balanced and representative decisions. Different perspectives lead to better informed results.

Q: As a woman, what do you bring to Victorian Plumbing?

ON: I believe everyone has strengths and it is my job to find those strengths in people and to develop them. I value collaboration, encouragement and clear communication in the workplace. I enjoy finding ways to develop our talent and watching them adjust to their aspirations.

Q: What advice would you give women starting a business?

ON: Look for the learning experience in everything – it may be difficult to get started, you may not always get it right, but it is important to view any setback as a learning experience. It will help you develop your knowledge or skills.

Q: What advice would you give women aspiring to top positions in the industry?

ON: Know your worth. Don’t give into self-doubt. Remember that your skills and experience add value to employers.

Q:Do you feel that you have a role to play in encouraging women to reach the top?

ON: I would like to encourage more women in the industry to consider a higher position. Don’t wait for progress – use your strengths to guide your career path and development. Introduce yourself and show your employer that you want to be considered.

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