Downtown sewer cleaning in progress

Wandering trucks come onto a downtown street near you.

Two sets of vehicles from Winnipeg-based Uni-Jet Industrial Pipe Services will roam Wheat City over the next few weeks to remove sediment and other debris from sewers and storm sewers.

Once they’re cleared, city workers can inspect them, Brandon’s acting infrastructure manager Kyle Winters told the Sun on Wednesday.

“They will be removing most of the sediment from the pipes in order to do a proper inspection, but if roots or anything else requires additional cutting or removal our sewage and water people will be notified and must do it.” go back and finish this job, “he said.

Despite the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday of rain, Winters said the city doesn’t believe this will be a problem despite warnings warning residents of basement flooding.

One of the reasons for this is that the tool that goes down the sewer to spray water has a camera on board to monitor the situation. If the flow of water in the work area becomes too strong, workers can turn back the pressure of the water coming from the machines.

A copy of one of the notices sent to residents in the Sun advises homeowners in the affected areas to close the lids of all toilet bowls when not in use, insert drain plugs in sinks and bathtubs when not in use, remove floor mats from bathrooms, lay down Put old towels near the toilet floor, make sure float plugs and check valves are working properly, and wrap basement drains in thick plastic in case water gets in.

On Thursday, one crew was working on sewers along Princess Avenue near 18th Street and another was cleaning the rain sewers along First Street.

Winters said residents in the areas where work is being done should be notified three days in advance. If conditions force the work to be delayed or postponed, residents should receive another notification letting them know when the work will be carried out.

According to him, the cleaning and inspection program started last year and will be carried out annually from now on.

The scope of the work will take the crews throughout downtown Brandon, from Pacific Avenue to Victoria Avenue north to south and 1st Street to 18th Street east to west.

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