Dupage Hydro Jet Launches Drain Cleaning Service – Press Release

DupageHydroJet.com is proud to announce the launch of its drain cleaning hydro-jetting service for the Dupage area of ​​Illinois. Instead of using traditional cable-style root machines, they use hydro-jetting, a highly effective method of cleaning the inside of sewer pipes and removing “soft clogs” in the sewer. These blockages usually consist of baby wipes, fat, tree roots, lather, dirt, and other items like fruit flies.

Brian McMahon, owner of Dupage Hydro Jet, says, “Over time, items such as baby wipes will build up in your sewer and will not drain the sewer properly. The problem is that the standard cable drain cleaning system cannot remove these baby wipes as effectively as the cable “gets caught” in the dense amount of baby wipes and thus prevents the cable from being pushed through. In this case, you’ll need to use a hydroblasting machine to force the wipes down the drain with a 3000 PSI thrust that has special nozzles designed to clog the drain. “

Another common object that can clog sewers is fat, which is actually one of the worst types of clogs for sewers. Fat clogs when too much cooking fat reaches the drainpipes from the kitchen drain. The conventional cable machine is unable to remove the grease from the drain pipe. This is because the fat accumulates on the side walls of the pipes and gradually thickens until the drain has slowed noticeably. The drain cleaning service provided by Dupage Hydro Jet effectively removes the grease in the pipes due to these hydro-jet techniques.

Tree roots are now the main cause of sewer blockages. This is because tree roots have a tendency to penetrate through the junctions of sewer pipes, creating clogs that impede proper water flow in sewer drains. Hydro-sprays have been shown to be effective in removing tree roots from the sewer and removing the debris from the drainpipes, allowing proper drainage for years to come.

Other types of clogs in sewer pipes that jets of water can clear include lather and other types of items such as hand towels. Fruit flies can also build up in sewer pipes and seriously disrupt your kitchen or home. Therefore, Dupage Hydro Jet strongly recommends spraying the sewer pipe regularly with a water jet for maintenance purposes.

Dupage Hydro Jet provides cleaning services for residential and commercial drains in Dupage County. In residential buildings, there are a number of potential problems with the sewer pipes, especially if the sewer pipe has not been backfilled with 3/4 ”stone and / or sand, which causes the pipe to shift in the ground over time. Over time, the cast iron or clay sewer pipes gradually slope back towards the house or building, preventing the sewage from flowing properly towards the city drain. This is an issue that may only be resolved by digging to gain access to the rear sloping pipe. A new sewer pipe is then installed and then properly filled.

Another common problem with sewer pipes is a bloated section of the sewer pipes. This is because a section of the earth shifts in such a way that a small section of the pipe sinks deeper than normal pipe quality, creating a “belly” in the sewer. This will result in a clog or intermittent backup and the solution is to regularly hydrate the drain.

During or after the repair or maintenance of the sewer, they recommend installing a “sewer cleaning” in the front yard. This is a vertical pipe installed in the sewer line that allows a plumber or drain technician to gain access to the sewer without entering the house and bringing smelly and heavy drain cleaning equipment.

Those interested in learning more about the plumbing and drain cleaning services offered by Dupage Hydro Jet can visit their website or contact them by phone or email.


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