Environmental Pipe Successfully Carries Out Emergency Repair at Chemical Plant

Environmental Pipe announced this month that the company was able to emergency reline a storm drain at a chemical plant in Central Virginia last month.

“The interior of the 18-inch drain pipe had burst and an emergency repair was needed immediately,” said Dave Hawes, owner of Environmental Pipe.

The chemical plant (which the company cannot name for privacy reasons) named Environmental Pipe for this contract, according to Hawes, because the company’s employees are experts at this type of repair.

Environmental Pipe was able to diagnose the problem and shut off the water flow upstream to isolate the pipe for point repair. This means that the workers could only repair a specific area of ​​the pipe instead of relining the whole thing.

With this strategy, the company was able to complete the repair in less than 24 hours – without shutting down or otherwise disrupting the plant.

The company also went to great lengths to carefully inspect the entire pipe and determine that more work was required. They installed epoxy pipe liner for 510 linear feet of 4-inch power line. This rehabilitation of the pipe should ensure that there would be no operational disruptions for the chemical plant in the future.

Environmental Pipe focuses on trenchless pipe repair, a method that uses specific strategies, materials, and equipment to allow underground pipe repairs without digging through trenches and disrupting surface activities. In addition, Environmental Pipe strives to carry out quality repairs that at the same time meet the needs of its customers and minimize the impact on the surrounding ecology.

“Our passion and technology is not only to repair pipes without excavation,” concluded Hawes, “but also to protect the environment.”

About environmental pipes

Environmental Pipe Cleaning is a trenchless sewer pipe repair company that specializes in industrial, government, municipal and large commercial pipe replacement, pipe cleaning, CCTV pipe inspection, and more. More information about their services can be found at http://www.environmentalpipe.com

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