EPA grant will fund lead pipe replacement in Cincinnati daycares

CINCINNATI – The Ohio EPA is awarding more than $ 725,000 to the City of Cincinnati to replace lead water pipes and fittings in 185 childcare facilities. The tests for the devices are carried out from federal funds.

In May, tests showed ground lead contamination was high in Lower Price Hill, but it’s a city-wide hazard. Ninety-three percent of the housing stock was built prior to 1978 when lead paint was used.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine spoke about it during his press conference Thursday.

“While lead and water are rarely the only causes of lead poisoning, it can significantly increase a person’s overall lead exposure, especially in infants who drink baby foods or concentrated juices with contaminated water,” DeWine said.

Many children are not tested for lead poisoning, which is an asymptomatic problem, meaning it goes undetected.

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