Firm introduces new water heater into Nigerian market

‘Femi Asu

Ariston Thermo Heating Technology Nigeria Limited, a member of the Ariston Thermo Group, claims to have launched a new range of water heaters on the Nigerian market.

The director of the Ariston Thermo Group in Central Africa, Mr. Gaurav Bisaria, was quoted in a statement that the introduction of the Ariston Aures range of water heaters into the market was born out of the group’s vision of bringing sustainable comfort to all people.

According to him, Aures is available in different power options (up to 36 kW) and has instant water heating technology for unlimited hot water at high speed, which saves time and ensures that hot water is always ready when it is needed.

He said it is designed to produce hot water at a constant temperature with no variation, which guarantees complete protection against sudden increases in water temperature.

He said, “Aures is the fastest way to have unlimited hot water whenever you need it for comfort and a good bathing experience.

“A unique advantage of the electric instant water heaters from Aures is that the hot water is supplied immediately and the temperature remains constant for the entire duration of the bath.”

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