Frozen pipe burst leads to hot mess at Waco apartment complex

WACO, TX – This cold weather leads to what some call hot chaos and wreaks costly damage.

The sound of water pouring out of the attic echoes through Lucretia Williams’ house in the Circle at 1800 Apartments in Waco.

The frozen pipes burst, forcing the ceiling to collapse.

“I was shocked and I’m angry. I’m very angry,” said Williams.

The video, recorded by her friend Tanya Anderson, shows the water dripping evenly six hours after it was first started and entering her house on Monday.

“As you can see, there is water flowing from the ceiling,” said Anderson.

It ran non-stop and soaked everything on its way. After initially taking more than an hour to shut down, it leaked again and lasted all night.

The carpet feels like a wet sponge.

Williams is said to be responsible for a burst pipe. She said the fire department should be called to shut off the water if the maintenance teams couldn’t.

Now fast forward to Wednesday.

“The blanket is gone. The whole blanket. It’s completely gone. I lost everything here,” said Williams.

When the ceiling collapsed, it took the insulation with it. Now there is nothing that can block the bitterly cold temperatures.

“And then this hall closet, the ceiling is gone and the floor is soaking wet,” said Williams.

In addition, Williams announced that there is no running water for the entire complex.

“They didn’t do anything to fix the problem. They didn’t offer habitable accommodation. They didn’t come to do repairs. I don’t even have a bed to sleep in because it was crushed by the ceiling,” she said.

The only good news is that Williams has renter insurance to cover their personal effects.

25 News contacted several times for responses from the management of the apartment complex. At the time of publication, we have not received a response.

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